Weird message after enabling time of use settings

Thanks @ben - great catch, actually. This is probably related to a known bug that escaped me with the recent Ecobee integration fix rolling out.

I’d imagine that’s the source of some of the ToU related issues @dannyterhaar is seeing, but can confirm on Monday once I touch base with Support.


Even after all my notifications → significant energy changes are all disabled (on the android app)

I still see all those (for me useless) notifications:

Is this another bug and/or related to the JS condition?
Hope to find out next week

At this time, I believe the issue is related to the bug I linked in the comment above and will be able to confirm with you on Monday.

@dannyterhaar It looks like one of the issues is related to the existing bug with the Web app being unable to save changes.

Support will continue looking into the ToU issue you’re seeing, so please continue to communicate with them directly through email.

On a separate note, at this time you can’t disable the TOU usage related timeline notifications. All other notifications can be toggled through the Settings as @ben mentioned above.

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