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This is your Sense community. We created this as a place to connect with each other, share stories, compare your Always on, and post screenshots of that unnamed device that runs for 6 seconds repeatedly in the middle of the night.
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  • If you have a specific question for the Sense team, or have a bug or technical issue to report please contact our technical support team at support@sense.com.

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  • Be safe. A licensed and trusted electrician should be consulted for any installation advice and troubleshooting.
  • Be honest. Give credit where credit is due.

###Share Your Solutions
Occasionally you may post a problem and find your own solution before anyone else. In those cases, it is nice if you also post a followup that shares your solution. Odds are others will experience similar issues and will be grateful to find your solution.

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We actively monitor this forum so that we can improve Sense. This includes new features, and improvements in hardware, installation, software, and device detection. We may investigate particular homes to better understand or resolve an issue that affects the Sense community. Users must log-in using their Sense account details, so that their data can be cross-referenced with their home to troubleshoot possible technical issues.

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