What could do this pattern?

So basically at night i see this pattern all the time - approx 35w on and off pattern about 3 times a minute.
doesn’t happen during the day just late night early morning

Interesting pattern - maybe some kind of a battery charger…

Hmmm, pretty strange. So it’s something that either knows about time or daylight.

Do you have any automatic lights and/or security cameras? Shape isn’t like a motor or heater.

i do have arlo camera system - outside cameras are on all the time. one running off of a usb charger like used for cell phone and the other has a solar panel keeping it charged.
the interior cameras are activated later at night then when this pattern starts

I’m suspecting your outside cameras, which don’t need light during the day and which may switch on some (probably IR) lighting during the night. I’ve not installed such lights, but have seen them described and a friend (without Sense unfortunately) has a set that produce pretty amazing images during the night.


Seems clear that it’s a well-timed cycle. Looking at your waveform vs what you say, what I’m seeing is 1min on, 30sec off. So 35w like that is about 23w continuous. Hmmm.

Helpful would be: Does it time-on/of initially at a set time? Light/sun/bedtime related?

yea the 1 outside camera that is powered by wall outlet is high def but its running off of a rechargeable battery that is plugged into a charger similar to a cell phone charger. do those draw 30+ watts ?

Cameras don’t use near that much power. Here are mine.

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Think i figured it out - my brother has been using an Electric blanket at night. My thought is that once it comes up to temperature that he has set then this is what it is doing through out the night to keep it at temp. that make sense ? (pun intended) starts half hour or so after he goes to bed and stops around time he gets up.


There’s a good amount of “what’s this?” related to electric blankets that happens here.