What is the ONE undetected device that you would want to have detected?

Are you using a 120 or 240 charger? I believe only the 240 stage 2 chargers are currently being detected.

My Rheem hybrid water heater. Sense always thinks the pool pump starts when the heat pump turns on.

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My Hayward variable speed pool pump.

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My deep well variable speed pump, which provides water for our geothermal and for domestic use. Not only detection, but ability to handle the “noise” from the pump that’s preventing Sense from accurately detecting most of my home.


My clothes drier, it some times detects it and other times it don’t, it got one of my TV’s but hasn’t done that in a while, Just wish it would be more reliable for all my devices, seems to drop them out from time to time had to put my shop water heater that heats my in floor heat on a hs110 plug because it stopped detecting it.

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Trane variable speed heat pump.


My Variable Speed Heat Pump, i would like to know if it is more efficient to run a portable heater in bedroom at night or whole house heat pump is most efficient use of power. In Summer is bedroom window AC more efficient than whole house AC. I need sense to at least detect heat pump, and hopefully the portable heaters at some point. The window AC can wait till summer, haha. Can’t detect what is not running.

My big ticket items like heat pump is very important to me.

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Definitely variable speed pool pump. The second largest consumer in my house after AC. It’s been a year since I installed Sense. However, I understand the complexity of detecting VFD based device. The trick is that all variable speed pumps use DC pulse width modulation to run 3 phase induction motor.
Particularly mine is Pentair Intelliflo 2 VST

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My well pump, which is part of my geothermal system (by far the largest energy consumer) is similar, and two years later Sense hasn’t sorted it out. Worse yet, the “noise” that the pump generates masks most of the rest of the devices in our home. Looking back thru the thread, variable speed pump devices are almost the highest frustration with Sense…only electric cars beat it.

Maybe someday…

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Yes, the high frequency noise coming from the VFD mosfets, easily can become an issue. My pool pump is >200ft away from my main panel, so it must have noise filtered out at least a tiny bit along the 200ft path. Cause my device detention rate inside the house is pretty good - about 40 devices so far. However, the pool lights and the landscape lights, both has been detected as well, and everything hooked up under the same subpanel where the pool pump is operating - On/Off state detection is extremely poor. How far is your well pump from you main panel where Sense is installed?

@andy, you definitely deserve that pump detection

My well itself is 65’ from the house, and then 470 feet deep. So the pump itself it a long way away.

The well controller (which is almost certainly making all the noise) is mounted on the same basement wall panel as the multiple breaker boxes (one with Sense in it), so perhaps 4’ away.

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My only suggestion would be to move it away as far as possible from the panel/Sense, ground it with the thickest beefy copper wire you can find, the path to the ground must be as short as possible. The second option - you could try is the various EMI filters for VFDs. I’m considering EMI filter myself.

Andy, one question. Is your noise such that the Sense live power meter sees lots of “tagged” translation spikes or very few compared to my sample below ?

I’ve thought about a filter, but the rapid and continuous power variations are “real” (that’s how the controller manages the pump speed…and my constant water pressure), but Sense sees those as electrical noise. So I’m not at all sure a filter would help. And having spent a lot on this already, I’m more inclined to let Sense engineering figure out solutions than for me to invest in expensive experiments.

If you try it, let us all know what you got for results.

Continuous jagged whenever the pump is running for any reason (geothermal is one high volume user of the well, domestic use is the other, frequent and fairly variable), which is why it stumps Sense.

But when the pump is running and also not running, does each jag get a + or - Xw voltage tag ? It’s my thesis (unproved) that these are the transient events sent back to the Sense mothership for learning and eventually detections. I’m wondering if the monitor is overproducing events or underproducing due to the behavior of the pump.

Not sure what you are asking, or where to look for it.

Go to your main Power Meter in the iOS/Android app, the view that I’m showing in the screenshot above. The view that smoothly updates with the whole house waveforms. As you can see in my screenshot, Sense appends “tags” that quantize power both up and down power transitions. In cases of known detections, it will also add the name of the associated device. I’m wondering whether the Sense monitor is tagging any/many of your transitions in the main Power Meter. A snapshot of a region where your pump is running would probably be most interesting - just don’t zoom out, or the tags go away. They only show up as they are generated via the live view.

I’ve had sense on my meter since March and it still doesn’t recognize either of my two HVAC systems