What other 'smart' tech are you using in your homes?


Having multiple Alexa devices across two locations is really nice.
@RyanAtSense, you would really enjoy the music quality out of two echos in the same room.

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I haven’t had great luck with any of the wireless speaker options out there that I’ve tried. I have a single Echo Dot near my TV that I use for Spotify occasionally, but it’s hooked up to some wired bookshelf speakers. Eventually, I want to give Sonos a shot, but I just worry about getting weird phasing or latency effects from multiple BT speakers.


Sonos doesn’t use Bluetooth.

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I haven’t tried any of the products that are supposed to be Alexa compatible because I’ve read about the problems you mentioned. I’m using two first generation echos in my living room and also using the same setup at my wife’s retail store, both setups mainly for Spotify. We started with one in each location and it was pretty good, two is a huge difference with zero problems. I’ve been able to pick up the first generation echo for $25 each on ebay.
I also have a couple echo dots that I use just for communication with Alexa. I don’t have Spotify play through the dots because if the volume is up too high, Alexa won’t hear me as well. So I have as many as three Alexa devices in the same room or area without any trouble