What’s your highest-power device?



My highest draw (~11kw) has become painfully clear over the past two frigid days: Electric Aux heat. It’s not detected, so no fancy screenshots, but let’s just say I’ve been avoiding the usage page as I’d just rather not know.



My highest load is my Tesla, but for % of my bill, my heat pump which is pulling almost a constant 10kW takes the cake.

New user here, so my loads haven’t been identified yet, but here was my load this morning once the car started charging. I’ve got 400amp service, so I’ve actually been careful to ensure my car charging doesn’t overlap with other heavy loads in the morning like my 12kW steam shower, so I don’t experience clipping on the sense.



When my heat pump is running on heat strips they consume 15,000 on their own. There are time when the heat pump outside and all strips are on and that totals over 18,000 watts



:anguished: Guess I shouldn’t complain about my 10kw strips.



Sounds like you have a heat pump Ryan. The outside heat pump usually requires a minimum heat strip wattage based on location, mine is 10kw minimum but I have 15kw. The reason for this is when your heat pump goes into defrost cycle the reversing valve changes and it’s actually running as an air conditioner. Your heat strips have to be powerful enough to keep cold air from coming out of your vents. I know it sound silly to have it blowing both cold and hot at the same time but it’s necessary and only lasts a few minutes.
A heat pump and air conditioner are the same except when In heating mode, the Freon reverses path. In heat mode the Freon transfers heat from outside air to the inside coil and in cooling mode the heat is transferred from inside coil to outside. It’s a process of removing heat and not “blowing cold”.