When will 2 sense device work together


I have 400 amps coming into my home. I have to have 2 Sense devices and 2 accounts. When will I be able to merge this into a single account and see all my devices on a single login?

Dual breaker boxes
400 amp 2 mains see both on one account!
Support for Multiple Sense Monitors in Multiple Homes

I’m still waiting for this also. I won’t purchase a second device until both are accessible from one account and aggregated. I’m told the team is working on it but haven’t heard anything else.


I would be interested in purchasing a second Sense unit if the data is merged into a single interface. At the moment it’s not worth the hassle to have two accounts.


I too would like to be able to use 2 Sense units. In my case I want one unit dedicated to Measuring Usage and the other unit dedicated to measuring Solar Production. Reason being that my solar sub-panel is located 200 feet from my service entrance, and it contains loads for my shop building, in addition to the solar panels.

To the OP, I too have 400A service (2 200A panels), but I was able to install the load CTs upstream from the 2 panels, so that a single Sense unit can monitor all loads in both panels. I guess that is not an option for you? My guess is that you have the meter located on the outside wall, directly opposite your 2 breaker panels. That is how my house was before I installed a 400A whole house transfer switch and a service disconnect.


In my case, I have two 200A panels side by side in my garage. No Solar. They are fed directly from a secured meter box so I’m unable to place sense there. If sense existed 9 years ago when I was building my house, I would have made provisions for a single point for energy monitoring.

The panel I’m not monitoring feeds everything upstairs including my HVAC equipment and my basement subpanel. Sense currently sees only 425 watts of the 1200 watts my raspberry pi KWh pulse meter is reporting so I’m missing a lot.


My electrician popped the secured meter box to get upstream from my sub panels.


Ditto for me on Peters setup. I’ll wait till Sense gets more of its act together, it took them over three weeks to even get mine showing Mains and Production correctly.
I have no Devices identified and the Signal check is still 0%.
The sensor is working now but there are several minor Android display anomalies that I am hoping will be corrected soon.
The SR team appears to be under staffed so it sometimes takes 24-48 hours for them to get back.


How will you power cycle the sense device if it stops responding for some reason? Is Sense inside the locked box?

I prefer to purchase 2 sense devices over paying someone to rework my wiring. First because It’ll end up costing me more for time and materials than the Sense devices. Second because each sense device would operate independently and thus have less to disaggregate. One sense device would have to disaggregate the entire house.


I don’t think there’s any downside to use 2 Sense devices once the Sense cloud integrates multiple monitors. I might do the same.

As for power cycling, that’s not an issue.

  • I haven’t had to cycle mine yet.
  • My Sense install includes a dedicated Sense breaker which allows me to cycle my Sense from the main panel.


I want two monitors on one app. My first has all heavy-duty at one 200 amp panel: geothermal heat pumps and circulators, electric boiler, well pump, so on. The second 200 amp panel is all the usual lighting and appliances.


My use cases are slightly different. I have a second home in which I would like to set up a monitor and have all of the information accessible (though separated) via a single user account, so I can watch both homes easily.


I’ll put my two cents in here as well. I have 400 amp service and 2 main panels. I also have 2 sense devices. I would love to have both work under one account.


I’ve got 400 amp service as well. Like the others I’ve been waiting on the ability to combine 2 monitors into one account before buying my second. I wish they would at least give us an update on the progress.


I’m happy to chime in, although I don’t have too much of an update. This is functionality that we intend to implement but I don’t have a specific timeline yet.

Thanks everyone for voicing your need for this feature!


For those of us with 2 200A panels (or 3 200A panels in my case), I was curious if device detection is actually faster/better when you have a sense dedicated to each panel?

In my case, both of my 200A panels at the main house are fully loaded with 42 circuits in each and the panel at the shop building has 38 circuits in it (12 of which are for the solar).

Just curious if any testing has been done that shows improved device detection if the job is spread out across several sense devices. If sense really is sampling at a rate in the millions per seconds, it seems to me that having more than one sense device just for the sake of spreading out the load, does not make sense, so to speak. :slight_smile:


Great question, Peter! Honestly, we haven’t done testing in that regard, but it should not affect device detection much.


Same here. I would be happy if we could even get an estimate such as Q2 of 2018. I love sense, but I will jump ship immediately if another solution becomes available that supports multiple sensors under one account. I have a development background and am use Particle Photon to create my own without the signatures for now. It’s tough because I have a lot of people ask me at work if it’s available yet because they want to purchase when it is. I keep telling them no, it would be easier to tell them never to stop the questions if this is the case.


Hi, Similar to above I have two 200A panels and just installed my second Sense unit. My easy solution to monitoring both is to have one account logged in with my iPhone and another on my iPad. For Android use a phone and a tablet?


@apadgett01, I can say it is something on our roadmap but I don’t have a specific timeline on it yet. It is likely that it will get tackled in Q1 or Q2 of 2018, but I also don’t want to promise anything without a definite timeline set.


Hi, any updates on the ability to see multiple monitors from a single account?