When will 2 sense device work together


Hey @robertgmann, as I said above, it’s not likely that we’ll be able to tackle that until early next year. That being said, the team is working hard to deliver a lot of great features in the next couple months, including many that have been requested by other users.


As an owner of 3 (soon to be four) Sense monitors, my vote should count 3x at min. :). In all seriousness, thanks for the update and look forward to cool new features coming down the pike.


Looks like I will have to return my second unit. I’m not going to deal with a second account to get past this limitation. I don’t think 400 amp service is that rare.


Sorry to hear that, @michael_brinkman. Totally understand the frustration and your decision. We do aim to tackle multi-monitor compatibility in the first half of 2018.


Any update on this… literally waiting to drop $149


I’m eager to get the multiple panel/device on a single account as well. I have two panels in my house and another in my shop. The power meter is nowhere near my power panels so having a single Sense is impossible. I’d hate to have to carry three phones around! :wink:


I’ll throw my vote in here as well. Just installed my first device and realize I will need another. I’ll wait until multiple devices can be integrated into 1 dashboard before purchase.


Count me in for 2 even 3 sense, I have 3x200amps


As much as I hate me too posts, me too!

I have 2x200a, and would prefer to wait until everything works together vs having to re-merge accounts after the fact. Installed my first Sense yesterday, now really want another, but not if they can’t “see” each other.


I’m another 2 x 200 Amp homeowner and holding off purchase of the second Sense until 2 or more devices can be linked. Is development still planned for first half of 2018?


Just a thought - I have two massive wires coming into each box - would it be feasible to simply create a larger clamp and run it through both of them, then run the other across to the second box, clamping the ring around both wires at the same time? It sounds similar to what people are doing when they are simply getting into their electrical box.


The two wires in each box are of opposite phase, so must be monitored separately. A clamp around both will measure the difference in current between the two phases which is a small fraction of your total usage.

What would work, with larger clamps, would be to find a place, e.g. at the meter, where the wires to both panels run parallel, then clamp one CT around both A phase wires (one to each panel) and the other around both B phase wires. If your total usage exceeds 200 amps then a larger amperage clamp would be needed as well, but I suspect that actual usage seldom exceeds 200 amps in most houses with 2x200 amp service.


One way to approach this problem, rather than getting multiple Sense boxes to work together (and forcing customers to buy multiples of a fairly expensive product) would be to make a “satellite CT set” for maybe 75 bucks or so that would monitor current and voltage in a second panel and transmit it via WiFi to the main Sense box, which would then aggregate that data with its own CTs. In theory one could add an infinite number of satellite CT sets, up to the processor capacity of the main unit.


That’s a great explanation. Thank you!


I’d like to add my vote to this. I thought this was a feature already, so I’m quite disappointed to find out I spent $700 and won’t be getting the experience I see people with 200 Amp service getting.


I too need this feature.


Any update when 2 devices will work with one account or at least be able to log into both accounts simultaneously from the app.


Hey everyone,

At the moment, we’re all focused on making improvements to device detection, and focusing all our efforts in that direction, but rest assured this functionality is still on our mind. I’ll be sure to update this thread as soon as I know more. Thank you for your patience!


Sooo what about all those forum posts from Sense that it was in the works and should be out by end of Q1 this year? Blowing smoke to ensure we all buy 2 of these things and get half the functionality we need?!?!


Hi @danielwoeber -

Very sorry for the frustration here. It is not at all our intention to be misleading, and I would encourage anyone who feels that way to reach out to me directly so we make this right.

We are generally very cautious when providing date ranges for new functionality for a number of reasons, including unknowns around technical complexity, and the balancing of technical needs and priorities. We are also very careful not to release new functionality without extensive testing to ensure that the service is not disrupted. We would rather ship a feature late than ship it with quality issues. There may be times when Ben, myself, or someone else has tried to give an approximate timeframe for some functionality and be mistaken. This is one of those times.

We are all heads down on device detection improvements right now, but are still working on the long-term infrastructure ground work to support multiple monitors. I do hope we can get it out to you as soon as possible, and apologize for the delay. We’re grateful for your patience, and will let you know as soon as we know more.

In the meantime, one thing that would be really helpful for our development would be to get everyone interested in this functionality to weigh in on the use cases for multiple-monitor support that are most important to you:

  • I have multiple panels in my home and want to merge their data
  • I have multiple homes and want to access them from one account
  • My solar service is far from my main panel
  • Other use case (please elaborate in the thread!)

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