When will 2 sense device work together


If I had 400A service and needed two Sense units I would also probably be pushing for the ability to merge two devices as well. The question is whether this need represents the majority or even a significant minority, or whether just a vocal small minority. Compared to the number of posts discussing detection issues, it seems to me that the engineer’s time is better spent on detection at the moment rather than merging devices.


I am willing and ready to spend another $300 to get the second panel but not at the expense of two accounts and different logins without merged metrics.


I am also waiting and wanting this for a second home. I love the sense and don’t want to use another brand, but also do want to have to deal with logging in and out of the app to switch accounts.

Hope it is coming soon :slight_smile:


SOLVED: I too have dual 200 amp panels under a 2 phase electric meter and wasn’t interested in having 2 sense units and 2 accounts so I purchased a set of the Sense solar CT’s and wired 2 CT’s in series to the one plug. I have had this working for 2 months and the usage is accurate and exactly what I wanted.
I cut both of the connectors off each set of the Sense CT’s and soldered the 4 CTs (each 2 in series) and shrink wrapped to one connector. Both of the panels are side by side so it was fairly simple and now I can see my entire house energy on one account and one sense unit.


@costa Please post some pictures of your SENSE setup.


I don’t know if there’s a limitation with the sense monitor being able to support the current supplied by 2 x 200 Amp panels but it is possible to connect CT sensors together. Basically, you wire 2 CT sensors together and place them on the main cables of the same phase in two different breaker panels. Also wire 2 additional CT sensors together and place them on the other phase. They have to be on the same phase facing the same way or they’ll cancel each other out.

I’ve done this with custom energy monitoring hardware/software and I’m also doing it now with Smappee using a y-cable and 4 CT sensors.

EDIT: I found my above post as saved from a few days ago but I never posted it. I see costa has already tried this and it words. Very Cool.



Are reactive loads measured accurately using this setup? Do you also have the neutral connected to both neutral bus bars?


Both Electric Panels already have the neutrals connected so Sense monitor is connected to one panel.


I already put my panels back together but here is a drawing of what I did to make it work.


This might be working for you in the moment, but it is definitely not recommended. In short, it’s untested. You’re definitely running the risk that device detection will not work properly and there’s a strong chance you’ll get clipped readings in your power meter. I respect the hacking to make it fit your needs, but just keep in mind it voids the warranty and we can’t really help if you experience issues.


Monitoring energy usage using multiple CT’s is not a hack. If sense ever provides a solution to this issue I’m certain it will be with multiple CT’s. We are all looking forward to the day when sense provides an official solution but until that day I’ll stick with this non warranted working solution. :slight_smile:


I meant a hack insofar as it’s not what our system is designed for at the moment. I would love to know how well it ends up working for you, especially if new device detections continue ti pop up or if you get any weird power meter readings (or signal clipping in the power meter). Based on our testing, the solution will be a good deal more complicated than just adding additional CTs and will involve some hardware and platform redesigns.Trust me, we wish it were simpler because quite a few people have asked for it!


Admire your intrepid experiment. Wiring up CT’s in series should give a working first order solution. But treating them as simple “passive” devices neglects many of the second and third order effects that would be needed for accurate magnitude, time and phase measurements. Take a look at an equivalent model for a CT and you’ll see that it is fairly complex.

I’m guessing that Sense does a lot of magic during setup to calibrate for magnitude accuracy given the uncertainties in the magnetic coupling of the CT and to compensate for time/phase differences incurred from the CT’s reactive components. I’m sure many of the assumptions are off if you have two of these in series with different Ips and varying Ze, Zct values, but only single burden resistor, Zb, slung between both of them.


Reasons like these are why we have to replace or re-calibrate your entire Sense monitor in the event of a CT failure. We calibrate the primary CT sensors along with the monitor, though we are working on a method of calibrating remotely.


I am one of the very early Sense customers. I have 2 panels and two Sense units. One with Solar and one without. I’ve been asking the integration question since day 1 and the answer that I was given is exactly the same as what Sense is giving now. On the roadmap… soon but no promises. Sense’s inability or unwillingness to progress this story is disappointing. The total lack of follow through shows what kind of customer/user centricity Sense has (or lacks).

Even baby steps toward this would be welcome - such as make it easier to access two accounts from one instance of an app by allowing the app to save two sets of credentials eliminating the need to log out and back in again. Or allowing two sense units to exist on the same account in separate buckets, etc etc.

I would welcome a dialog on how to get this done and would be more than wiling to help with requirements, a good design, and/or beta testing.


I will love to have both together as well. Actually I hope more than two places could be handled under one account.


In fact my system recognizes my cars usages it just has to identify the user. It would be so easier if we could identify the user


Hey Mark. We know it’s a sought after feature, but it’s a matter of prioritization. I can’t discuss roadmap details, but I can say that improved device detection is at the absolute foremost of our roadmap at all times. We’re a small company and Sense is still a pretty new device that’s really in some uncharted waters here. It’s less an unwillingness to progress on this front and more of a dedication to more pressing matters, like more accurate DD as well as some other long-sought after features that will be coming down the pipe in the near future. Multi-monitor/multi-panel integration has remained a concern for us, but improving the absolute core of the Sense experience has to come first. In addition, while the integration may sound like a simple matter of merging some data and making graphical tweaks, we’re finding it’s much more complicated than that and thus requires quite a lot of resources if we want to do it well. I know none of this is what you want to hear, but it’s the honest answer.


Also waiting on this feature of allowing more than one Sense so that each of my properties can have a Sense installed!


I would like to request this feature too. I have been up about 7 days and it’s found a bunch of stuff. However, my ACs (3) are all on the other panel!!

I appreciate that I am a customer only and not a creator/stock holder/investor but this is probably going to be very important to that group of customers with 400 amps of load who would seem to be fairly common given the $300 cost. So far its a very cool product and I am most impressed with the combo of AI, cloud, crowdsourcing, and a nice app to boot. And who doesnt have an extra iPad laying around??

Keep up the good work and the first half of 18 has 3 weeks left!!