When will 2 sense device work together


Is there an update on this capability? Ideally, allow two sense monitors, and include integration of the results so it looks like one house.


Unfortunately, not yet. There is a larger thread about this here: When will 2 sense device work together


We have a large data science team who are dealing with the device detection backend, but the other software team still has to implement it in the respective apps. On top of that, we’re still a very small company so wishlist items are always vying for resources (but we’re also hiring some sw folks right now, so more resources will come onboard soon :+1:).


Ryan, Thanks! I saw the other thread after my posting here.

It would be a big improvement to just have multiple devices in one account. A single login and receiving all alerts in one place would be a big help. In its simplest form, the UI would only need to switch between units. For example, select the unit on the Account page. The DB is where all the work would be.


Just installed… but when I installed I learned I don’t have a sub panel, but rather a parallel setup so I only setup Sense on one panel. I also have a solar array with two inverters… one connected to each panel.

While I see the FAQ says parallel support will come soon on one device, will that also mean solar?

I’m looking at my options with my current setup. I understand a 2nd Sense+Solar would solve this today, I’m wondering if there’s a better option either today or expected. A 2nd unit would mean I’d have the same “two account”… wondering if later that data will be merged.


Currently, you’d need two accounts to monitor both. Sense has said monitoring multiple sense devices from one account is planned but no word on when it will happen. I would expect that to include solar as it wouldn’t make any sense to support solar on only one device.

It is entirely possible to monitor two panels from one device using additional sets of CT sensors but it doesn’t appear that Sense will be adopting that configuration. The CT sensors have to be facing a certain way depending on phase and should be on the same phase facing the same way to get an accurate reading based on voltage. This could be a support nightmare for sense.

I currently monitor two panels with one Smappee device and it works perfectly but it only plugs into one phase for voltage so wattage calculations will be off for anything connected to the other phase. Plus, Sense is far superior to Smappee when it comes to device detection and visualization of data. Once Sense integrates multiple monitors into one account, I’ll be purchasing a second Sense monitor.


Me to. Patience. …


I had to add a second Sense monitor due to my solar feeds through my shop and then to my mains. With one unit in the mains, my solar production was off due to the shop using power. I use the production from the shop with the usage of the mains to figure my power usage.


Yes, this is functionality that we plan to add. Unfortunately I don’t have a specific timeline for that right now but the more people request this feature, the more demand we know there is for it and the more we can prioritize it.


I bought a second Sense on the hopes it can link to one account. Please add this feature.


I’m also in the two panel/two unit boat. I just keep “liking” every post that mentions the need to front-burner this development effort. Hey, us two-unit folks are your best customers!!! (and I’m actually using the product less and less since putting in the second panel, as it’s a pain to bounce back-and-forth between the two accounts.)


My low tech workaround is to use a spare iPad for the second Sense and leave the primary Sense on my iPhone. It makes it hard to see overall usage. I agree about your best customer comment! I bought my second Sense based on comments from Sense about support coming soon for joining two devices. There’s been little movement on meeting that promise.


No doubt folks with two monitors are great customers :grinning:. We really appreciate it! There’s just quite a few feature requests out there and awesome functionality we think will add a lot of value for customers.

By all means, keep making your voices heard on this! We’re listening. And we do have plans for this functionality. It’s not a matter of “if”, just “when”.


I also thought my panel setup was Main to Sub, but sadly it’s 2 parallel panels. I seriously considered returning the Sense, but I decided to keep it and installed it on one of the two panels.

Since I’m not getting the whole story from my homes electrical system, I would purchase a second sense unit today, if I knew when 2 sense units could be seen as one unit under one account.

Does anyone know when this might happen; 2 sense units under one account?

John B


Hey John,

Really sorry that you’re in that situation. I don’t have a specific timeline for this functionality quite yet, but it is something we plan to tackle in the coming new year.



I have the same situation. Just installed solar on my separate garage with sub-panel, which powers the whole garage (lights, tools, etc.) and feeds solar back up to main. Sense is installed in my main panel. I’d like to add solar, and place the CT’s on the sub-panel wires coming into the main panel, but from what I’ve read here, that will be problematic. Is there a future where Sense can figure out what the solar production signature looks like relative to other loads?



Mainly for BenAtSense, has the previously talked about functionality been implemented, or does it have a timeline?




Mainly for BenAtSense, has the previously talked about functionality been implemented, or does it have a timeline?



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