When will 2 sense device work together


Unfortunately not. It’s proving to be challenging and there’s some other features taking priority. Initially it seemed to only be a small subset of users needing multi-monitor support, but that number does seem to be growing. There’s a much larger thread about this issue here: When will 2 sense device work together


I would be interested in something from Sense that’s like the TED Spyder. It would allow monitoring of key circuits, as Dan C suggested, and significantly speed up device identification of key devices. I’m sure the CFO and Product Marketing would like to have another product to sell.


+1 for dual panel support. Just bought one sense for my main panel, but I realize now that the second panel has outlets and more usage than I thought at first. I’m considering moving the sense between panels to get the full story…


Dual panel support is a must. I don’t mind having two monitors but having to logout and login all the time to view monitors via the app is a real pain. Trying to do this via a browser is even worse because when logging in and out the data from one monitor is still present until a refresh is performed.

I guess I would like to understand why having two monitors on one account is so difficult. If I would lose some feature like identifying devices so be it. I can easily do that if required by power cycling devices. I just want to be able to look in one place and see my total energy usage at that given moment. Not by the current method of logging into one monitor, remember that number, then logging into the other monitor. Just imagine going back in time to check something with two accounts.

Don’t get me wrong, love this product. Great app but need, need, need dual panel support in one account. Where I’m located this is very common. Seems this has been a request for sometime.

BTW, Sense if you’re looking for a beta tester give me a shout.


I am also in the pool of having 2 200 amp panels and will wait until the multiple panel monitoring can be accomplished from 1account login.

With that said, I am just as anxious as most in this thread.

However I see a shared product development responsibility. We as consumers have spoken on our need. Sense has acknowledge that is is on the roadmap. Trust me that is allot more then most tech companies will tell you. I have worked at a tech company that had the same struggle. As the product becomes popular, there is allot of development being requested that is a challenge to get to. This is also managed along with bug fixes. If the developer staff is lean, it is challenging to make everyone happy.

I see the community has been patient. I’m sure Sense can respect that. I hope for the sake of sense, that this does not wear off and users go elsewhere.

My challenge to sense is to find the balance. You have a growing community of new as well as existing users. My understanding is that a new user is cheaper to sell to. I’m sure we can all agree that increased DD is also nice to have. Dig into some agile development and find some smaller user releases that will calm the masses.

Just another view from the stands.

Great product Sense team. Keep it coming.


Great attitude ! And right on the spot as far as development challenges in the Tornado. Every new feature begs 5 new enhancements which all make sense individually, but quintuple the coding load and opportunity for support issues. Think Sense is sorting through intelligently but making the tough enhancement calls is hard, especially at this stage in the game.

Dual monitor support sounds smart, but I’m sure it comes with complications. Single login for two Senses (or three, four,…) seems reasonably straighforward, as long as results from all of them are orthogonal. But once added, I can see many requests to expand (summarize all together, subtract the one on my sub panel from the other one on my main panel, etc.)


@pikejeff @kevin1

I appreciate the patience and the understanding of our challenges. Finding that balance is always tough, and more so with limited resources. We’re continuing to roll out updates, but still are primarily dedicated to improving device detection. Beyond that, we’re always looking for ways to benefit as many of our users as possible. This has been a big ask for some time and 400A service is only getting more common, so it will come in time. But it’s complicated (as your point to, Kevin) and we want to get it right.


We’re doing some more research into this problem. One of the big challenges here is that there’s multiple use cases for this…400A panels, multiple panels in different areas of the home, vacation homes, and beyond. It will be quite tough to provide an answer for all of these use cases with a single solution. What solution would be more preferable to you?

  • Aggregate data from multiple Sense monitors under a single login
  • Easily switch between multiple Sense accounts in the app

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Those are very different use cases. If they can’t both be handled separately, that’s a huge bummer. If I have to maintain separate accounts just to monitor the stuff in the outdoor panel on the same house (even if it’s easy to switch between accounts in the app), a second monitor will definitely not be worth the hassle for me. But I can also understand how people with multiple locations would definitely NOT want data from those monitors combined.

I can understand the complexity involved, but it feels really bad to have to choose only 1 of those options.


We believe that both are definitely possible, there’s just a significant amount of resources involved, especially for aggregation, so we’re trying to parse out which solution would be most immediately beneficial to the users asking for multi-monitor support.


I voted for the “Easily switch” scenario. However, I don’t think the two choices fully capture the realm of multiple Sense device scenarios.

  1. A single residence with >1 incoming power feed. The 400A service type of scenario. How prevalent is this in existing/new construction with homes getting more and more efficient? I don’t know, just asking. However… I have many friends who have a power feed to their home and a second isolated power feed to their garage/shop/etc. on the same property. This leads us into the second scenario…

  2. More than one residence or more than one building with a power feed at the same location. This is someone with a primary residence and one or more vacation or rental properties in different physical locations they want to monitor. Or maybe their detached shop/garage on the same plot of land as their primary residence has its own independent power feed. These should all be accessible under the same Sense account to avoid the need to “Easily switch between Sense accounts in the app.” I’d expect a single pane of glass showing me the cumulative “right now” of all devices, something under it showing each Sense unit’s individual cumulative usage, and then I could tap into one Sense unit if I want to see the level of detail we have today for a single Sense unit. Perhaps we could tag specific devices in each Sense location as favorites and they will always show the device’s usage on the home screen. Notifications should be fully operational for all devices under one account so the user doesn’t have to choose what account to stay logged into for notifications.

  3. Sharing device access. Someone who has a Sense in their primary residence (and perhaps one or more rental/vacation property so there’s some overlap with #2) but also has access to someone like their parents’ Sense unit. Perhaps an employer has a few employees they want to be able to monitor the office. I would want be able to give someone like @RyanAtSense different levels of shared access (view only with or without notification access, view & device management, full admin access) to one or more Sense units associated with my account. Under one Sense account I would see all of my own Sense units as well as any Sense unit shared to me.

Under none of the above options would I want to be forced to sign out/into different Sense accounts unless I specifically want to keep something like a rental property on an individual account for some kind of privacy or other concern.

While we’re at it… :slight_smile:

Sense unit registration transfer/take-over including device statistics/devices/history should become a thing. I may sell a property and want that Sense unit installed there to go along with it and let the new owners take right over. I can’t just give them my Sense account as there’s numerous PII worries there and I may have additional Sense units registered to it. It’d be a really huge bummer for the new owners to have to start from scratch. Before transfer I could tell Sense what devices to delete and only leave permanent fixtures associated with it.

Disclaimer: I do not own more than one property. Maybe some day!


Just to clarify - I have a single feed from the power company that was split into two sub panels right next to the incoming feed on the side of the house. One goes to two HVAC units and a STEP system; the other does everything else in the house (I put Sense in this one). The house was built 4 year ago. Not exactly sure how prevalent this setup is…doesn’t seem totally consistent even throughout my neighborhood which was pretty much a single builder - electrician’s choice, I guess?


Maybe it was “what do we have left in the truck?” day. Or some apprentice was allowed to do the HVAC panel. :slight_smile: Actually… is that panel on any kind of demand kill switch that allows the power company to turn off AC when grid demand is too high?


Not that I know of. We don’t normally have big issues with that here (TVA). I’ve never seen the inside of the meter box, though, so who knows?


What’s the white box w/ the big red button :slight_smile:


STEP system pump. Basically, it’s a small septic tank with a pump in it to send everything downstream to a consolidated drain area. If the pump has issues, it triggers a flashing light and alarm which I think that red button silences while you frantically call the water company :grinning:


Would definitely like to see a whole house of usage in one view of aggregation if possible, but having two sensors load under one account would be OK too… Or if it was possible to get CT clamps that were a bit larger than the standard ones, then I could fit it around my 2x200amp sets of lines and it’d be all good :slight_smile: (there is likely no chance of exceeding 200amps at a given time)


Here’s the original survey from brad.
I’ve created some surveys on this forum. Fact is, I monitor them for a week because I don’t bookmark them and they kinda get list in the sea of posts. I occasionally try to find them again, but it’s tough.
How do you guys monitor like feedback or surveys from the forum?
Original survey: When will 2 sense device work together


This issue has been extensively commented on, and I’m not sure if I’m adding anything new here or not, but to me, there seems to be two different cases for multiple use monitors. One case being a user trying to monitor all power use in a single family home, and the other being a user trying to monitor power consumption at different homes or different panel locations (not necessarily wanting the aggregation).

By the way, I’m not sure that “aggregation” and SUMMATION (or summary) can be used interchangeably in this conversation, but it seems to me that a quick and (as I see it) easy fix for this is a SUMMATION of two (or multiple) Sense devices under one account.

I’m sure there’s a reason why this doesn’t work, but let the two monitors function completely independently of each other. Then let a user’s single account login switch between multiple independent monitors. Then, let the user choose to see a SUMMATION of any mix of any number of multiple Sense monitors.

The “aggregation” of data that seems to be the source for the extreme complexity of this issue can be hashed out and addressed down the road when Sense has the resources to address the issue… but for now, it seems like a quick way to appease most users requires only simple addition and subtraction.

So… SenseUser, Here is a list of all the devices on your Sense monitor “A”, and here are all of the devices on your Sense monitor “B”, now, SenseUser, select the devices you want to include in your SUMMATION report, or select ALL for a comprehensive SUMMATION of all consumption for all your Sense monitors.

Again, I apologize for not understanding the complexity of the issue, but if I had an excel spreadsheet that detailed the usage from monitor A and the same spreadsheet from monitor B, I would create a third spreadsheet that gave me a summary of A + B.

That is really the functionality that I believe solves the issue for a 78% of users polled.


This is really helpful. Great point on summation over aggregation. I’ll be sure to pass this along.