When will 2 sense device work together


Ryan – Kevin1 mentions an example of merging data from two devices, and I’d like to take a look at that. I have one install in for 8 days now, and a second unit on the way. And congratulations on the Series B funding, perhaps some of that could be directed at solving the “when will 2 sense devices work together” challenge.

Thank you - Mac Irvin / Bay Area California


Shooting you a PM.


Having two homes and two Sense units, I’m constantly dealing with not being able to easily monitor both units without logging out and back in. Expediting this feature would be greatly appreciated.

Can I have two separate sense installations.. 2nd home?

Ryan, I appreciate that you have done this and now that it shows this is possible to export the date, now how about you just integrate that merged data into the app or website so its done automatically. I simply cant believe this is so difficult. I don’t care about device discovery as much as i do about seeing all data in one screen. PLEASE drop all device discovery efforts and fix this necessary task per user requests. If you question how important this is to your end users like me then why not put up a poll asking the end users what would you rather we focused on multiple panel monitoring in one screen or device detection. i bet that poll would undoubtedly be for the first option.


I wouldn’t count on that poll being in favor of supporting multiple Sense devices. I bet you most users only have (and need) 1 device so they’re probably way more interested in device detection than a feature that doesn’t apply to them. :slight_smile:

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I think Sense is missing out on a big section of their target market with this oversight. The people buying Sense are generally upper middle class folks with disposable income and an interest in their property. A big section of that target market has larger houses with 400A service and multiple panels that can’t be monitored with a single set of CTs. Also, vacation/2nd houses are common in this segment. I’m pretty surprised there’s still no way to integrate the output of 2 monitors for one site, or easily switch between two locations in a single account.

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We absolutely plan to build this feature. However, the timeline is uncertain and we do not commit to firm dates. Anyone else here who works in software/hardware can likely understand why we don’t do that.

We can see that this is a highly requested feature (in fact, the most highly requested feature in the Product Wishlist subforum). For that reason, we want to do it right. It’s a much, much more complicated add than it seems on the surface. I’ve written about that above and I’m not going to go into all of that again. But device detection has been and remains to be our biggest focus. Product features that support the goal of improved device detection tend to be prioritized.

In the meantime, @kevin1 put together a simple process for DIY aggregation: Combining Results from Multiple Panels / Multiple Senses into a Single Report Using Excel

I highly recommend reading this post as it gives some insight into how we make product decisions: How to Submit a Feature Request


If you need a Beta tester, I have 2 monitors on the same Wifi. One is for the shop where the solar feed is, and the other is in the main with solar to catch the power usage of the shop. There is 150’ between the two buildings. Just a bit too long for the CT clamps.



So is there any updated news from Sense regarding this? Having two seperate accounts is a pain and honestly kinda makes this product useless… kinda. Now, we just installed solar and again, 2 accounts sucks even more.

You need a beta tester let us test it. What could go wrong? I don’t care about the history on ether account if we can start monitoring ALL our usage and production within one account.

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Just installed a separate 200 amp sub panel connected to a 36kW solar array in addition to the 200 amp panel with Sense attached, and without this feature, I’m unable to see whole home consumption/production. Please support 2 sense monitors aggregated in a single account.


I think this could be a helpful feature.


Is your sub panel close enough to the main panel that you could use a set of CT extension cables to get solar CTs out to the right place?

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With all due respect, I have to ask why device detection remains your biggest focus if this is the most requested feature? Frankly, if I don’t understand what my total energy usage is, then knowing device-level usage of an incomplete overall picture is nearly useless to me. I’m beyond the return date of my unit now, but if I had to do it over again I would have returned mine, and I certainly would not recommend one to anyone in a similar situation unless/until this issue is resolved.

Edit: Let’s also call this what it is… this is a bug fix, not a feature request. Please treat it as such.


I’ll add my periodic push to fix this issue. I have two Senses/Accounts for my two 200 amp panels, but it really curbs my usage (and the inherent) value of the product. My panels are side-by-side, and I really like the idea of just using a single Sense with two sets of CT clamps. But I’d be happy with whatever method could be used to merge the data from both panels into a single user account. The current situation stinks.

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What good are your two devices being seen in one spot if they aren’t detecting anything?

I see your point, but understand theirs.

That being said, it should be available already :slight_smile:

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I have had my two Sense monitors for a few years now. I still have a large number of unknown devices. However, I have not recommended it to others because they have not found a way to sinc two devices into a single portal.


I really don’t care that much about device detection at this time. I’d like the ability to have two monitors on one account. That is way more important at this time.

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Brand new user here, my sense unit was installed this morning. I have 400amp service to my home, with 3 200amp sub panels.

When (if?) Sense allows me to combine multiple units into my account to see an aggregate of everything running simultaneously I will order 2 more units.

I could install the unit into the main feed, however, I know I will exceed what sense can monitor. I’m still considering moving the sense there, but wanted to understand better what happens when the unit is clipping. Does it stop recording data, or will it only report up to the max it can monitor?

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Two thoughts:

  • I have a 400A service with two panels, the same as you seem to have. I have a single Sense hooked to the main feed, as well as solar. I haven’t hit the clipping limit yet, even with two Teslas (80A and 72A) charging concurrently, plus a bunch of other baseline stuff including AC, etc. I’ll eventually migrate to two Sense units, once they have them working together for two reasons.

    • Spreading devices between panels should help with identification / learning - fewer overlapping signatures to sort out
    • Even if it doesn’t help identification that much, it will help me better isolate big unknowns.
  • From a HW perspective, if you do hit clipping, the HW shouldn’t stop logging. It will just hit a max limit, and drop back down when the current decreases. But too much clipping will also probably limit identification/detection.


Does indeed sound similar! I’ve got several other heavy loads that run on a regular basis. a Geothermal Hydronic Radiant system, hot tub, steam shower, several rack mount servers room in the basement, etc.

Maybe I’ll give it a go anyway. If I see a ton of clipping I’ll pull it back to the one panel.