With Smart Plugs, what becomes of Always On


That’s what is happening automatically with this update.


Not for me it’s not. I used 3 HS110’s to better understand my Always On. When they were connected, I saw the load for the 3 HS110’s at roughly what I would have expected, but my Always On stayed at the same total it was before resulting in double-recording load for nearly all of my Always On devices.


In my case, 3+ days had elapsed and nothing changed. When combined with the fact that my Other nearly went away to 0 which is clearly invalid so I deactivate the monitoring of the HS110 in Sense. I may re-activate one of them and let it sit to see how it reacts but the results when I put all 3 in were a mess, even after letting some time pass


@frankwin.hooglander keep in mind that this is not a beta forum

@don1 I would expect a major improvement for the smartplug always-on double counting issue very soon. Hint hint.


The biggest issue I have seen, since adding two smart plugs that track Always On loads, is that the device models seem to get confused by the fact that the total measured load at the mains is less than the total of all the devices. By “confused”, I mean that the model correctly detects the device turned on, but seconds later the device bubble vanishes and the load ends up in Other.

Something else to comment on:. When Sense added the first plug, there were 5 or 6 devices active (bubbles showing). Immediately after the bubble formed for the smart plug, all of the other bubbles vanished and Other had all of the remaining load. I presumed this occurred because Always On had too much load allocated to it, so the numbers added up too high and the models got terribly confused. When the second plug was added, no other bubbles could not display very long until the next day when Always On corrected down from 410 watts to 270 watts (which I think is still too high but I am giving it time).


How long have you had these plugs installed? Something strange definitely seems to be happening here. I would suggest submitting a Support ticket about the issues that you’re seeing.


Both plugs were installed on 1/31/19.

I’ll contact Support with a copy of my post above.