AC compressor and fan expected outcome

I have one single stage AC compressor and a constant rate fan in my furnace. So far, Sense has detected two AC units and the fan. The fan is only detected when it runs in isolation to circulate air. When the compressor runs, the fan is not detected and sense will choose between one of the two AC devices. I suppose the fan is being aggregated into the current of the two AC devices. I’m hoping over time the two AC devices will be merged into a single device. Generally, what is the expected device outcome? Should I merge the two AC devices? Should I expect Sense to eventually be able to distinguish and separate the fan and compressor current when they run at the same time? Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks. And if it’s helpful, I’ve had Sense installed for a week.

Two thoughts here…

  • The AC could also be stepping on the on-signature of the fan. Here’s an interesting overlay where the AC compressor detection is missing the underlying fan.
    Sense stops reporting Window AC mid-cycle
  • Don’t mess with combining until you have a few months of consistent detection. There’s not a huge value in combining the devices, except you see a unified report. And there could be additions and changes in the detections (my AC turned out to be 4 different AC detections that changed over the course of the cooling season)
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