AC Energy Comparison - It looks like your AC energy use is relatively low, but there may be room to improve

  • Consistent formatting - Please make sure you have as many of the above criteria as possible in your post so Sense community members can offer feedback or questions.

Required information to include:

What type of AC do you have?
Central AC (ducted)

What type of blower does your AC have?
Conventional constant or fixed speed motor

What type of compressor does your AC have?
Conventional constant or fixed speed compressor (most units have this)

Have you performed a Home Energy Audit OR did a professional perform an audit?
The utility company offered a free home energy Audit.

  • What did you find? Some of my equipment like my water heater and refrigerator are old, and I should preferably update the same
  • What did you change? None

Optional Information to include:

  • Make/Model of your AC? Bryant
  • How old is your AC? ~13 years aold

Other information
I like to maintain about 68F at my home even in Summer

I have a ECOBEE 4 Plus thermostat, and I switched my ventilation ( damper control) from a Mechanical Timer to Ecobee, as it has the following advantages

  1. Free Cooling - Which would open the dampers to bring it cool air early mornings / late evenings
  2. Ventilation Control - Based on occupancy in the home ( sensors at home detect occupancy) and geofencing.

One of the disadvantages of the Ecobee it seems is that you can set ventilation to happen say 10 min/hr, but not specify hours when this happens :frowning: so in essence even during a hot day, in order to maintain air-quality I was bringing in really hot air, conditioning it and then releasing it in the home.

I did have a bad furnace motor which was fixed the week of Aug-17 and my drain-line for the HVAC was partially (mostly) blocked until 09/05.

For now, I have disabled my thermostat from controlling the ventilation, may wire-in the OLD mechanical timer to perform ventilation for the next couple of days during scheduled hours ( this would be parallel electrical wiring).

Thank you for sharing @sritodi! I know AC Energy Comparison was just released, but wasn’t sure if you have already scheduled a home energy audit or were planning to in the future?

Justin my home is relatively new ~ 13 years old. It was built to code ( and better). I did have an Energy Audit, and they looked and confirmed that I have good insulation and no major leaks or drafts.

Thank you for clarifying for us!