AC possibly only partially discovered?

Is it possible the AC was only partially discovered… It was the first thing it found after only two days, it does have a pattern to it, but no way it’s right. Im inAZ it’s 114 today, and been running all day, it’s on now, and it doesn’t say it is……(see graphs)

Im missing 4K watts and nothing else is missing for Im pretty sure…

What should I do…

Will it stop looking for AC fully now that I acknowledged it.

I’ve been a Sense user for one year. Similar to you, it found my AC but after a while would mark it off even when it continued running. Here is what I came to understand.

The AC was found early in the season, when it would cycle frequently because it wasn’t very hot outside. The Sence device definition must include some data about how long the device typically runs, because later when the AC started running for hours to try to keep up (yes, I know that means my unit is undersized), the bubble would disappear after an hour or so. If I manually cycled the AC off for just a minute, the bubble would reappear, but only for another hour.

I contacted technical support, who explained what was happening. They suggested that I delete the device and wait for re-detection. I must say I was reluctant to do so, since that single device was responsible for my largest electric usage, even with its problems. After I worked up the nerve to follow their suggestion, it was re-detected within a couple weeks. As a bonus, the data from much of that period was filled in retroactively, so I did not “loose” much information. And, yes, the new device definition did accept that the AC would run straight for hours at a time.

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Interesting. Sometimes mine finds the AC 100%, like right now. Using 3,881w, no other device, including Other and Always On, is using more than 100w. However, there are other times when only half the AC is found, and the rest of it falls under Other. That’s a little puzzling to me because, as far as I know, the fan is full blast whenever it’s on, so I’m not sure what would change between when it’s fully detected and when it’s not. Maybe at midnight there’s a lot less noise to see through? Let me pay attention and see if that is correct about when my AC is fully detected and when it’s not.

This happens to me as well. My “AC” is a merge of several AC components and new detection of the same components again. I have a 2 stage compressor (really just separate compressors in one). I have a variable speed blower which took some time to detect. I also have a HP pool heater and HP water heater. I had at one time merged an AC component into the pool heater. I eventually figured it out when pool heater was “running” at night when the pump was off.

I’ve had my Sense for 3+ years, it’s not perfect…but is pretty spot on most days.

Brian, there are several clues in your question that are helpful for identifying the problem.

  1. Usage value of 3,881w corresponds to 32 amps, which tells me that your AC is a two-phase device (the biggest single-phase breaker I know of is 20 amps).
  2. When exactly half the AC is found, that must mean that one of the two legs did not detect properly.
  3. The fact that both legs sometimes detect together means your definition is able to get both legs.
  4. The fact that sometimes it only gets half means that it doesn’t get both legs reliably.

I suggest waiting as the solution. Sense tweaks their definitions behind the scenes as time goes by, constantly trying for the best fit. Your definition seems to have all the pieces it needs, Sense just needs to get them synchronized. I expect that giving it a month to fine-tune should be sufficient. If you have not seen improvement after that long, it may be that the definition did not have pieces that tweaks could improve. In that case, starting over with a new definition (by deleting the device and waiting for re-detection) would likely result in improvement, since it will start with new pieces.

My air is conditioned by multiple window units. My post yesterday (above) was about the living room unit. The master bedroom unit had a different story, which illustrates a device definition that never did improve sufficiently. I was actually too patient with it, as I should have deleted it sooner. It was only detecting 1/3 of usage, but I kept giving it time, all summer long. By fall I gave up on it and deleted it. It was re-detected right before I pulled the unit out of the window for the winter, so I never benefited from the new detection. Last month when the unit went back in the window, detection was so sporadic that I ended up deleting it again. I think that during the long winter, automatic tweaks to the new definition must have caused more harm than good, as it tried to find usage that wasn’t there.

Hey @jimauger - @jefflayman’s response is spot-on. The only thing I’d add is that if you don’t have Solar (or another Flex Sensor integration), Dedicated Circuit Monitoring would be ideal here and could solve your problem quickly.

Yup! It’s a 40 amp breaker. I am using my two DCMs for my two mini splits which would rarely, or never, get detected.

I’ve had my Sense installed since February 2020, so there’s been a while cooling season. I’m going to keep an eye on the detection and if I find it missing too many, will delete and let Sense redetect.

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We’ll, that didn’t work, I deleted the AC that Sense discovered and waited 5 days and It was found again. But the same result… It’s still not recognizing the whole time its on.

I hate to “waste” the second set of sensors on the AC, was gonna put it on my pool pump, being variable and crazy schedules.

Bummed, what’s the chances it will discover the rest of the AC ?

Give it plenty of AC season time - a month or two.


you may already do this, but have the temp raised when no one is home and set it when you get home… maybe do the same in the evening.
you may already have these features with a smart thermostat, but there may be other ways you can make the AC turn off and on a little more often. the power cycling may help with proper discovery.

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