AC Unit Shows as 2 Devices

I’m new to Sense. I’ve been running everything for 6 days now. By day 3, Sense detected my AC unit. By day 5, Sense detected a Motor and named it Motor 1. I was able to do some digging and the Motor is indeed my AC unit. Now the device labeled AC periodically kicks on and the device labeled Motor1 kicks on at other times. Any suggestions or insight on what the issue is here? Thanks.

Could be that one detection is the air handler and the other the compressor.
Looking at wattage being used could help identify. Also how the two run and if they overlap or not on run times.

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And have a little patience. 6 days is just the beginning…


@kevin1 is absolutely correct about how early it is. Patience is the most difficult part of Sense, especially when you start to see detections. The first few detections will drive your expectations really high when they come quickly. It’s hard not to judge things by these. They will all be different and some more accurate than others.
Think months instead of days.

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Technically we’re talking tricky but philosophically at least it works:

Sense v2.0 shall have a void-black plastic shell casing and antenna.
Users shall install the Sense monitor according to specifications.
Users shall forget Sense is installed and not be reminded of the fact until some time later
When the Sense and antenna shall start glowing a beautiful mysterious orange.

I shall not keep going :upside_down_face:

One more datapoint for you - I did some detailed analysis back in 2017-2018 on Sense recognition of my AC units vs the data from my Ecobee. I chose to do this because my 2 AC compressors had blossomed into 5 different device detections, and I wanted to try to correlate the Sense devices vs. the cooling commands from my two thermostats. I’m not going to try to describe all the details, but what I found was that which device each my compressors was identified as, varied depending on the month in the cooling season.

I haven’t done the analysis recently since I installed a new Sense in April and am installing a new AC systems today, both upstairs and downstairs.

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