Pretty awesome!


Sense just detected my second AC unit! I’ve had Sense almost a year and up until now, it seemed like ‘AC1’ would show up when either unit was actually running so I never identified which one it was. Now, I have AC2, and I see them at the same time, and I see AC1 when downstairs is on, AC2 when upstairs is on. I think this is great because my two units were installed about 6 months apart, and they are exactly the same other than the upstairs unit is bigger than downstairs. Because of that, I didn’t really expect Sense to be able to separate them, but this is great. I’ll keep an eye on it to see if it continues but I wanted to post here to let everyone know.


We’ve been doing some recent work on ACs (as mentioned in our webinar Customer Webinar - 8/17/2018). Sounds like that may have helped you out!


That’s great news! I’m hoping for a similar outcome myself. I have 2 identical 3 ton ACs and have experienced similar detection issues.