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Hi all,

I’m on day 4 but have a couple of questions. Sense found a device it thinks is a fridge. I actually have three, and my kitchen fridge was detected twice, I think because of the fridge and freezer. That one is fine. I also have another fridge detected but it doesn’t seem to be one of my other two based on my testing of unplugging them while sense said it was on. The other fridges are a regular fridge /freezer in the garage and a mini fridge. Any ideas what this might be?

Also, I have two A/C units that were replaced in the same year. They are the same brand, although one unit is larger than the other. I have an AC detected, but it seems to show as on when either one is running. Will sense be able to detect them separately, or is it because they are the same brand?



I have been trying to identify my 3 refrigerators for 9 months. Unplugging them and such to isolate them. When I thought I had it figured out I realized I didn’t. No good advice other than its common.

For the ACs if they are different size loads Sense should figure it out eventually. I have 2 central air units and Sense at least figured out the first stage for each. When second stage kicks in I get a large “unknown” bubble.


Thanks, so that is what that is! I had also noticed high usage on both AC and Other when it is running, nice to know why. I wonder if it will figure out the other stage eventually.


You should to easily determine whether it has the correct AC system identified. One thing to keep in mind is that it is possible for the smaller unit to show a greater power draw; let me explain.

I have a 4 ton and 1.5 ton units. My 1.5 ton unit draws 50% more electricity because I believe it is combining the condenser compressor and fan together where as the 4 ton unit detected only one component of it was identified. With the tools provided by Sense, they would suggest to wait for the other components to be detected and then you can use the merge feature to join them together as one single cohesive unit. Granted you may grow very old waiting but the concept behind this is valid if the other components are indeed identified.


1, 2, and 3 are not applicable. The issue seems to be different. I will try to use gas buddy again on Thursday and will let you know if it works or not.

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