Found another fridge!


I went away for a week and Unplugged a ton of items like cable boxes, TVs, xbox, etc and as I was about to get home I got that exciting pop up that a new device was found. After driving 9 hours, I am not gonna figure out which one it is, maybe tomorrow.


lol This always happens to me when I leave the house for an extended period of time, Sense will detect new items and I have no way to track them at that time. I go weeks with nothing, leave the house and get like five new devices. I don’t know if it is related to the lack of noise or what else I could not say. Often those new devices either are duplicates or with low watts. I have 2 out of 30 that happened that way that I still can not locate. As for your new found fridge, if it matches the existing unit, I just merge them after watching for awhile. Maybe that should be the response for lack of detection, just take a vacation.


Great idea, Sense motivated vacations. We’re leaving Sunday!