Devices discovered, then lost and rediscovered as new devices

Seems as though my Sense can’t make sense of my 2 fridges and furnance. As of today I have what was my boiler for nearly 2 weeks, but 2 days ago Sense stopped reporting it and now Unnamed Motor 8 seems to be the boiler. On top of that its:

  1. Abandoned Fridge 3 and 4
  2. Abandoned what i had marked as Basement Fridge
  3. Now have Unnamed motor 5 6 7 that seem to align with the 2 fridges
  4. Unnamed Heat 3 - yearly view say son for 0 days, 0kwh used - how could this possibly be?


It’s learning :slight_smile: remember back when you were learning new words in first grade? That’s what Sense is doing. Sometimes it thinks it knows a word, but then it hears it in a different accent and reevaluates it.

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I am seeing this as well on several devices. I have a lot more unknown devices than known… and devices I thought I had nailed down are back to question marks.

It is a bit frustrating, but I think NJHaley summed it up well.

Learning doesn’t mean abandoning what you’ve learned; that is what sense is doing. It identified an item, I named it, it tracked it and then it just gives up and creates a new one.

On top of that there is no way to delete or remove these abandoned devices… at the going rate i’ll have more abandoned items than real… :frowning:

I have the same issue/ question. Unnamed Motor 1 was determined to be the HVAC fan and has been correctly identifying it for 3 weeks. Now I have an “Unnamed Motor 3” that Sense thinks is the HVAC fan.

Should I expect Sense to de-dupe the duplicate devices and combine their histories after it has learned more? If not, what is the solution to correct this?

There should be an option to “combine” when you know for sure that two devices are identical… I know this thing has to learn but after 30+ days it shouldn’t be making silly errors like this.

I’m also suspect that sense is struggling with appliances and items that have more than one motor or draw. For instance, my fridge has separate cooling motors for the freezer and fridge, then there is the ice machine which is up top. Different calls for different amounts of electricity at different times may screw up the ability to detect devices properly; or forget…

In 30 days its yet to identify any of my water circulation pumps for the heating system (i have 3 of them), has no clue about the hot tub heater that it identified and now has lost (it did find the pump) and is gloriously confused with my 2 fridges (the wine fridge its ok with)

I think my fridge might be forgotten very soon. I started noticing reduced reporting last week.

This is how it looked a month ago. :grin:

Looked like this at the start of this week. :worried:

Last 24 hrs. :pensive:

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That’s sort of what my water heater is doing, and goes along with what I mentioned in another thread. Is it worth reporting as a bug, or is this just part of the process. I’m content with sitting back and watching, but a number of users are losing their minds with these sorts of things.