Sense keeps "rediscovering" old devices


I am constantly getting new discovered devices only to discover that it is a device it knew before. It didn’t delete the old one but it just stopped recording it and started a new one. How can anyone get good data with this and it seems to be getting worse.


Are you sure it’s not the second leg of an appliance on 220v? Or a separate component of an appliance like a refrigerator?


Nope. Happened with my water heater it had discovered from the beginning. Then days of no water heater. It put it in unknown. Now unknown heat number 1. Same with my ac. So now I have all 4 listed as devices. 2 old discovered and 2 unknown devices. I understand a learning curve but as has been said, it’s going backwards.


Are both reporting simultaneously, or has it stopped recognizing the original, or is it sorta gone back and forth. I’ve seen all three, but the former only when it was parsing two lines.


So far it’s ignoring the first and starting a second.


“They” say that’s because it’s refined the model, and the new model fits better than the old. I’m skeptical about that explanation, but it sounds nice.

Skeptical because I went through the same process you described with my hot water heater - which still isn’t recognized or reported consistently.


I also have experienced new device discovery replacement. My microwave oven got discovered again but was then identified as Device 1. At about the same time my first Light 1 was identified, which is the microwave oven light. Refinement sounds like a reasonable explanation. I’m about 90 days after install and 5 good devices 2 unknown motors and 2 unknown devices.


I ended up deleting my water heater and letting be rediscovered. Fixed it for now.


Hmm. I went and deleted both iterations of my heat pump, neither of which reliably reported the heat pump. We’ll see what happens…


Now that I think about it, I only have had issues on 220 devices.


Same. Well, lost and found problems. I have consistent detection problems with both 110 and 220.


I have noticed the same thing with mine as well. It would add a new device for something that has been detected. Now I am getting ver4 and ver5 of stuff.

I still use SENSE 24x7 on one iPhone that I setup on the wall in my home and 1 in my office to view the realtime usage, but I don’t really do anything or count on the Devices anymore due to this. It is too bad.


Just wanted to let you all know that this is something that our data science team is aware of. As device detection improvements continue, these occurrences should happen less and less. Sorry for the frustration!


@charles and anyone else, it’d be super helpful to know what devices specifically this problem has happened with. The more information our team has about the issue, the better we can track it down!


Following up on this - two weeks ago I deleted all iterations of my water heater and heat pump. A few days ago, my heat pump was re-identified and since then it’s been followed pretty well. Yesterday my water heater was re-identified. It’s only on twice a day so I’ll still be watching it.

As I type this, though, it missed my heat pump coming on :confused:


I had a second discovery of my a/c. But I left the other older one on the system. It had only been seeing the “new” a/c and ignoring the “old” one. But yesterday I get a notification that the “old” a/c had come on for 6 seconds. I deleted that one and we will see how it goes.
On a side note it said my a/c was on but but wasn’t, looked at the app and a/c bubble was there along with a huge unknown bubble. The water heater was on but not displayed. I cycled the circuit breaker for the water heater and a/c and unknown bubble went away and water heater was displayed as intended.


It would be nice to be able to ‘freeze’ devices and somehow tell Sense to leave them alone after it gets them right. I am always waiting for correctly reporting devices to stop working and go away or only come on for a second or two.


Same issue here. I have been deleting the first instance of the duplicated device and hoping for the best. I have a wifi thermostat which tracks run times, and there definitely is the problem of duplicate device entries and usage being attributed to both entries.

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