Sense has lost its memory, lost devices and sometimes does not recognize know devices


Lately it seems Sense has lost its mind. I had over thirty devices recognized and about 10 got removed by the system even though they were working just fine. First time this has ever happened and I have had Sense for over five years. Last night when things in the house were quiet I showed what has been a mystery for a longtime something called device 3, almost no other things were running yet I could not find this item in my house using between 100-200 watts. I had no “other” showing at all, yet when I turned on and off lights that are not recognized they did not show up in other when I looked at the device list. At times my heatpumps are recognized and at other times they show up in other. No clue why things have gotten so wonky all of a sudden.

Hi @32259fl, thanks for sharing. A few questions here. When did you notice things were looking off with your detections/start seeing devices removed?

Please reach out to about this issue - there are a few things that might have caused this and they’ll be able to take a deeper look and confirm.

Thanks for the follow-up. I have reached out on some of it but not all, and yes please look at the data.

I have quite a bit that is considered always on. That includes four ceiling fans that never shut off. I never turn off my computer nor a home entertainment system that are both hooked to TP-Link energy switches and are on UPS systems. I recently (about a month ago) replaced an electric water heater with a Hybrid unit. Sense picked it up after just a few days, but now it is gone. As for the things that went away they say they were not reliable, but most I had found very reliable.

Some other items I have include an older GE side by side fridge, a new huge Samsung four door Inverter fridge, a wine cooler and a chest freezer. Also I have three heatpump that may act differently in the summer versus winter here in FL. Also a large heatpump that is not often used for our pool.

As I mentioned the oddest thing was last night with no “other” showing use in the list of items when there were a half dozen lights and other stuff that are not recognized and not always on that were on at the time. That seemed rather odd.

Thanks for any help.


I would include your original message here with your Support ticket to help illustrate the issue to Support.

I’ve noticed this a few times, but typically have restarted the App to see the “Other” bubble repopulate fairly quickly. This sounds like it might be worth a separate Support ticket - the primary thing that jumped out to me here that we’d like to figure out for you is the “10 devices that were removed by the system”. We want to make sure that our device models are behaving appropriately.