Sense removed device on it's own (it was very reliable detection)


Oh Boy,
I get a notification this evening from Sense
Space Heater was not reliably detected, so
it’s been removed.

This was a detection that was absolutely one
of the most, if not most reliable of my detections.

This a major flaw in my opinion just like when Sense
decides to “Combine”.
I would really like to know how it determined it wasn’t a
reliable detection?
It’s been detected and working fine for weeks so now all
the data has been erased? I don’t believe all the data gets
erased, it’s only from our view. I think the data that is left behind
hampers it being detected a second time and that is why i have
had devices lost and not picked back up.
One step forward, two steps back yet again.


I’m not seeing many reports here of improper deletion. Please submit a ticket to Support so they can look into it.


I reported it, not expecting anything to be done other than to prevent future removals…
Sense also isn’t recognizing my HS110 when the pump plugged into it is coming on.
I guess it’s having an off day.


Looking at your 1:04AM screenshot, get some rest again :slight_smile:

Your power meter looks odd, does your wattage update at least once a second or does it seem laggy and hang up every now and then? Given your network history I can’t help but think some of this is related.

I also had a renaming on a heating device but supposedly it was acknowledged and fixed already on their end (although my detection has yet to fix itself.)

Once again, it’s not perfect, and it’s probably going to seem to act up a lot more if you’re hovering over it constantly.


I’m starting to suspect the same. I reached out to the Support team preemptively to let know that your network troubles may be having an effect here as well.


Believe it or not I try to sleep. After effects of strokes.
I have noticed network issues but I don’t have the same equipment as before as the provider wanted me to use theirs and it doesn’t have the same tools and features.
It did t rename my device. The screenshot shows exactly what it did, it was removed.
What I’m thinking that may be from is the heater being used nearly every day for a little bit and then went four days without use. Was sense looking for the heater and expecting to see it?
Of course, I have no idea if it works that way.
Maybe it will detect something more important to replace it.


@samheidie. @RyanAtSense
Did you see this post? Someone else with a problem with exact same device in same classification.

Space heater question (does not detect on or off accurately)


That does not sound similar. That sounds like his Keurig occasionally gets conflated with his space heater. You’re dealing with a “good” device that was deleted. There’s two very different things happening behind the scenes there.


The similarity I saw was it’s the same device and category. He has only actually seen the Keurig conflated with it once (I’m sure it’s happened more).
I just didn’t know if a category,subcategory and specific device could ha e trouble system wide.