Deleted all Heat devices, no longer accurate

Well, I deleted all my 120 devices with heating elements today except a coffee maker (Keurig).
That’s about ten lost detections that I hated to let go but they were either reporting as the wrong device but 95% of the time, landed in “Other”.

Curious if anyone else has experienced problems lately?
These detections were all very accurate at one time.

You have 120 devices with heating elements? Can you give some context?

Sorry about that, not the quantity but 120 voltage. I had 40 active devices but now far less after deleting these to see what happens.
It doesn’t seem to affect my 240 volt devious bad but only have about 5 of those. The only thing on the 240’s is my heat strips are 10kw and only half or one leg has been detected. The water heater is 4600w and Sense gets that half of heat strips and water heater confused. That’s something I really don’t understand because I would thing Sense could easily see the difference in those.

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I recently deleted a space heater, a coffee maker, and a Heat device that would show as on for 3 different appliances. I wasn’t sure which of the 3 to assign the device to and I was worried I would somehow pick the wrong one.

On recommendation from support, I also deleted my Furnace when it stopped being accurately tracked. It was redetected and is much better now. Hope it stays that way!

Hopefully when mine are detected again, things straighten out.
I use Sense mainly for my high consumption devices and haven’t had too much trouble out of them.
I never like deleting devices. Some of them never come back. I’d rather lose them forever than to have them be inaccurate