So many devices detected improperly

I’m noticing that my 240v baseboard heaters (I have several) are randomly showing up as being on in the middle of summer. It seems that my dehumidifiers (I have 4, zero are recognized after 6+ months) and pool pump (also unrecognized) are triggering them. Should I just delete them?

I’ve had to delete other devices for similar reasons, and I am wondering if I just have too many devices for Sense. I have the monitor on a pair of panels that supply power to a house and 3 buildings.

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I’m having the same issue with the baseboard heater on my sun porch. t is coming on during the Summer along with my furnace blower motor on for 15+ seconds every hour. The blower motor does not show when my AC is running.

Been happening lately for me, but with 120v resistive loads. Resistive loads have similar wattages and device signatures and are hard to tell apart. Do you know what else it could be confusing those baseboards with?

From time to time, it thinks my Air Fryer is my space heater in the middle of summer. They’re both 1500w, so I get it.

Also, my furnace blower motor is an ECM and variable speed, so it’s very hard to detect those.

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My blower motor is an ECM also. It was detected during the Winter when my furnace runs. I’m sure it has a different signature in the Summer because for the higher speed. I thought after two years it would have been detected.

Yeah, sense used to be able to detect my old furnace’s ignitior / ignition sequence, since that’s a resistive heating element. But it hasn’t found the new one. Or my blower in the summer or winter.

But I’m pretty sure it got my condenser correct because when my AC runs there’s always an additional 400-500 watts in my other bubble, so it didn’t lump the undetected fan with the condenser

Sense has found my inducer motor and my compressor, but not my condenser fan motor. My furnace is gas so no heating element.

Sense doesn’t know what to do with my heat pump, it’s just listed as other forever as best I can tell.

I would pay Sense to give us the option to self label devices, I’m tired of waiting for them to learn things.

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variable speed motors in appliances have been around for decades and getting more common rapidly, heat pump clothes dryer, heat pump water heaters, heat pump AC, variable speed motors in air handlers/furnaces, etc. The only appliances sense can label in my house anymore is the microwave and the coffee maker :laughing: