Reported 'device not on' once and now it has disappeared entirely

My ‘baseboard heater’ device has never been differentiated into the multiple units in operation at any one time. There are actually about a dozen baseboard heaters in the house, but (living alone in a 3-bedroom) they are usually not all active, in fact many are kept quite low or shut off at the breaker. They range in power from a 2KW (two heaters on a single thermostat) to many 1KW and a few 750W units. Up until recently, I used a couple of 750W/1KW dual heat space heaters to test how that stacked up against the 2KW dual baseboard/single thermostat heater in the common area. I cleanly changed from one to the other and was pleased when Sense detected the 2KW baseboard dual heater in a matter of weeks, even though it was detected as a water heater. For many months my baseboard heater device was reliably reported and confirmed as one of three 1KW units. I expected Sense to eventually sort out that I had multiple heaters since their cycles were independent, even though Tech Support comments indicated they might not be differentiated if the signatures are similar. Since two 1KW heaters might look like one 2KW, machine learning certainly notices the cycle-independence well enough to recognize multiple units. Recently (yesterday, I think) I selected ‘device not on’ for the baseboard heater without confirming ALL of the 1KW units were off and I suspect one turned really low in the back bedroom and never checked actually WAS on. So today, the baseboard heater device is gone from my list and not reported any more. Progress has been slow, but I’m patient. Please let’s not go backward! My bad for lack of diligence, I’ll improve as well!

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