Not a great start

I have had a few things show up after my first few days. I was able to determine what they were and label them.
For example a space heater in the bathroom. Turned it on, it shows up, turned it off, it showed off. But then the next day it will show it’s on and the space heater is off.
Same for my geothermal heat pump. It is my biggest energy draw. It showed up as AC (nice guess Sense, you know I am in New England in Feb.), I labeled it Geothermal HP and all is well. But now it is on and my device list shows it is off with a huge Other bubble.
Is this common? Will it get it right eventually or is it always iffy on stuff like this?

The key to having Sense reliably track everything is time+repeatability

A few days is generally not enough time for sufficient repeated cycles of electrical signatures to be disaggregated from one another. Here, “repeated cycles” is not the same as manually switching things on and off. In fact, doing that can be counter-productive for Sense detections because the on/off signature is usually not the same as the device itself switching on and off.

To picture the scenario: Imagine you move a vacuum cleaner from room to room and leave it “switched on” at the vacuum sometimes and not others. Sense will be getting a slightly different signature presented to it because the vacuum gets plugged in to different circuits. If you add in the method by which you switch it on, Sense will struggle more.

Heat pumps, HVAC and other variable speed motors are a challenge for Sense to detect but the detection has improved over time. If you poke around the forum you will see many threads and Sense articles and discussions about these types of devices.

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As @ixu mentioned, more time will improve things.
Your heater is going to be something that will often be conflated with many devices. I have this problem after over a year. The reason is that most heating elements the plug into 120v receptacles are around 1500 watts. So a coffee maker, space heater, curling iron, clothes iron and hair dryer look the same to Sense. Because hearing elements have a distinct in/off signature, they look close enough to the same.
That was my list that Sense gets confused with!