A Tale Of Two Pumps

The second device that Sense detected was a pump. It looked like it was the well pump as it turned on for a minute at a time when the water was running. Seemed pretty straightforward but over the next few days I noticed it was also “turning on” when our smaller heat pump also turned on. It doesn’t happen 100% of the time but it does happen a lot.

Is this something that the system will eventually disentangle on its own? To my untrained eye the devices don’t look much at all alike when they start. The heat pump has a higher startup current but a lower overall watts used. The well pump startup peak is much lower compared to its run usage.

Should I delete the pump and let it re-identify or just let it sit for a while and see if it separates the two? My concern is it won’t really capture the heat pump usage in its current state.

@linda I have the same thing happing. 1 of my stove top elements was detected and I confirmed it was on. Then I starting seeing my stovetop come on when it was not on. Sense detected one of my clothes dryer’s elements and called it the same stove top burner. Someone at sense suggested going into devices and when that happens open it and indicate “device not on”. That was a few weeks ago and it still showing up. Not sure what marking it as not on did. Not much at this time

Two options - I would do what @Mars suggests first. When you see the bubble up for the wrong device, click through the bubble to underlying Device, then touch the gear in the upper right (Settings for that device), then go to the Manage tab. Once there, click on “Report a Problem” - that will give you the option of “Device is Not On”. Click that and the bubble will go away. Catch it in the act a few times like this and Sense will generally get smarter.

Or you can delete and hope the next detection discriminates better.


Thanks! I hadn’t noticed the report a problem option. I’ll give that a try?


I’ve been doing the “report a problem” thing as I notice it happen over the last few days but it hasn’t made any difference in it reporting them both together. Does this report prod an algorithm to do something or is it just reported to a human to look at?

At what point should I expect a change in behavior?

I did pick up a set of flex cables to do the dedicated circuit monitoring for the heat pump but I likely won’t get a chance to install it until Sunday at the earliest though I’m tempted to wait until Tuesday when it is supposed to warm up in case it takes longer than expected. Stuff like this usually does for me. :slight_smile:

Give it a few weeks. My well pump and HVAC were being conflated for a while, but after a week or so of doing the “device is not on” thing, the well pump device stopped catching the HVAC. Then the HVAC was detected as its own device after that.

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Will do. Thanks!