Sense picking up multiple things under one device

So what should I do?

Sense is picking up my AC and pool heater (heat pump) as the same device. Now it is picking up our irrigation pump and house pump as the same Device. And a little while ago, it was picking up the pool heater as the Dryer?

Should I delete, mark things as “Guesses,” or does Sense eventually figure it all out?

Just looking for some guidance here…


Whether it’s because you got Sense recently or that you started to use certain devices only recently, it can take considerable time for detection to stabilize.

I did a shout-out to Sense yesterday for a Q&A: A behind the scenes look at multiple similar device discrimination.

You may have seen that since it’s a topic you created.

In the meantime, leaving things alone is probably the most effective method. What you can do, if the device is not on and Sense is showing otherwise, you can check it as such.

When to delete:

So we have no guidance on this? I should do nothing?


The “Device Is Not On” blog post above is good and effective guidance.

The other suggestion above (“When to delete”) could be applicable if you see certain behavior, as is detailed there.

The call for a Q&A on a deeper dive into the tech is just a way for the geeks herein to be constructive moving forward.

I maybe should have posted the previous post in reverse order.

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