Device Confusion


What is the best thing to do when Sense confuses devices? For example: Sense initially identified my Water Heater, but every time the Dryer goes on, it thinks it is the Water heater. Also, the Oven was detected, and a few days later the toaster was detected. Now whenever the Oven goes on Sense thinks it is the toaster.

  • Is it best to leave it alone with hopes of Sense eventually figuring it out? or Should I delete these devices and let Sense Re-discover and hope the confusion gets better?


How long has the conflation been happening? My suggestion would be to just give it more time. We’re doing some work now that should help with conflation (timeline on rolling that out is uncertain, but keep watching). If it’s been going on for a long time (say, a month or more), deleting might be a good option. I’m of the mindset to wait and see though. We offer some “official” guidance on deletion here:

You can always reach out to Support and they can dig in a bit deeper.


Thanks. It has not been a month. I am fine waiting for a while to see if things clear up.

  • If sense detects a device does it stop learning or watching that device, or will it keep reviewing the data in order to confirm/re-confirm its detection?


I have a similar scenario where all of my 220 volt ‘heat’ items (dryer, water heater, and stove) get conflated as being the same thing all the time. It’s easy to tell which one is on and when, and it’s common for them all to be recorded by Sense as the same thing.