Sense thinks my clothes dryer is my oven


Sense correctly identified my oven. Now when the clothes dryer comes on it thinks my oven is on. It shows the correct wattage for the oven and puts the remainder of the wattage for the dryer into other.

How do I correct this?


You can wait to see if it improves or delete the oven appliance from your device list.

My oven was identified pretty well about 10 months ago, and it would infrequently get mixed up with other heating appliances. Then things smoothed out, but only recently it stopped identifying it at all…so I deleted it in hopes it might relearn it and report normally again :confused:


Thanks. This is my first week with sense and it is progressing quite well. I will give it some time to see if it works things out


@dennynh, unfortunately heat based devices can sometimes get confused. It is possible that the more Sense sees those devices, the better it will be able to separate them. You can also mark a device as ‘not on’, by reporting a problem on that device’s screen. This won’t improve anything immediately, but it will send the data to our data science team to use to improve detection algorithms.


I know I’ve asked before, but since these types of questions are asked repeatedly, can we not get the typical resolutions put into the FAQ? There are always several suggestions on how to deal with the recurring symptoms but it would be nice to have one place to go for a definitive answer from Sense directly.


Hey Jeff,

Certainly can put current Sense suggestions for issues like conflation of devices into an FAQ. My question is, would you look in our help center for that ( Or would you look here first? The best place for that kind of official information is in our help center, I think, because there’s less to sort through. But I’m open to suggestions.


I would go to the help center. But again, I am new at this site.



The help center is probably the correct location for it. In most boards there is a way to “sticky” a post so it always stays on top regardless of the age, so if you could do that as well in the community then it would be a good way to link people to the information in the help center.

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