Two devices identified as one?

Hello, I just recently added sense to my home, and it has detected my dryer, however, it also believes my hair-dryer is the same device. How do I fix this?

I’ve only been using Sense for a month or 2, but in my experience, if it’s labeled as Dryer, then when the hair-dryer is on and Sense labels is incorrectly, go to the Dryer device and click Report a Problem, and click “device is not on”. This will help the machine learning look for smaller differences and hopefully start to identify them separately. It may take several times of you clicking this when it misidentifies them.

Conflations can happen for similar devices. I’d follow @Edison517’s advice to ‘report a problem,’ but honestly, patience can be key in these situations. Sense will likely eventually figure things out after seeing more cycles from both devices. This isn’t an absolute certainty though. Worst case scenario, you could always put a smart plug on one of the devices to isolate it.

The one thing to keep in mind about what @Edison517 explained is catching the correct device.
So if it’s the dryer and hair dryer, make sure you catch the WRONG device in the act to report “this device is not on”.
Notification and device list shows hair dryer on but it’s actually the dryer. On device page click on hair dryer and report.
There is not an action to report when a device is on for the correct device yet

Thanks, it just now also believes the microwave is also the same device as the hair-dryer
and the laundry dryer. Should I delete the device? I just reported the problem also.

Not to change the subject, as the title is still correct, but I am curious what happens if two things always happen at the same time but are NOT a single device? I walk into the bathroom and flip on the light(s), two switches, but I always flip them as one. Same thing going into the kitchen.

If I wanna train the monitor correctly should I wait between flips? How long? What if devices are on the same power switch? The kitchen TV is tied into the kitchen under-counter lights. Should I move it to another outlet until it is recognized?

Will any TVs (all pre-internet aware) be recognized? Hmmm… probably the wrong thread for that question.

I wouldn’t think of it as helping to “train” Sense. Each device or component has its own signature and your not going to be able to help. Sense will either detect or it won’t. Nothing in my bathrooms are detected except a heated floor. The lights and fans are not.



I deleted the device, two and five days later sense properly identified two individual devices.

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