Device conflation- is this normal?

I’ve had my Sense for about a week, and I realize I need to be patient with device detection. Patience isn’t my strong suit though.

I was pleasantly surprised to see my oven, coffee maker and fridge (including ice maker and ice dispenser) were found in the first week.

What has surprised me is how often other devices get confused for the ones it has already discovered. Some examples:

-I have two types of electric stove-top burners. The larger ones are identified as the “oven” and the smaller ones haven’t been detected yet. I don’t mind this one so much, as I would have merged the devices anyways.

-The dryer is sometimes recognized as the oven, sometimes not.

-The toaster is always recognized as the coffee machine.

-I’ve had a few other unidentified loads being recognized as the oven, even though the oven wasn’t on.

Is this normal? Should I do anything about this? I imagine if devices are improperly identified now, they probably won’t be correctly recognized in the future.

Heating elements of about the same wattage on the same leg/house phase are easy to conflate. The on and off signatures can be fairly similar. Give Sense plenty of time - it will likely get more specific as it sees more ons and offs in the house.

I’ve seen some comments about ‘marking the device as Not On’ to try to help Sense realize that the dishwasher being on is not the coffee pot.

Problem is, I can’t find where to mark the device as Not On. Can you tell me how? Thanks! :slight_smile:

The feature for marking a device as Not On was removed in software version 36.

Now all you can do is wait. Like Kevin said, give Sense plenty of time.


And @everman, if it stays conflated for a few months and still bothers you, then hen delete that device. Sense may re-discover things differently.