Observations after 3 weeks

Hi again, it’s been a little over 3 weeks and Sense has found a few more devices but it’s been difficult to locate the sources. I’ve noticed Sense seems to forget some devices I’ve already labeled and will sometimes throw them back into the ‘other’ category or sometimes it seems to get confused and swap 2 similar devices. Is this normal behavior while it’s still learning?

All valid observations…

  • Most folks do have a hard time identifying some of the devices, or components of devices, that Sense finds. Who would have thought you can have a heater in your refrigerator. I forgot that I had an instant hot water heater connected to my sink, until one day the heater came on just as I was standing next to the sink.
  • Sense isn’t throwing something identified in the “Other” category when when it forgets. It’s either missing the device turning on because of other noise at the time in your house, or because the on signature looks sufficiently different that it doesn’t recognize that particulate on signature. Sometimes, the on/off signature behavior of a device, or how Sense views that device can also drift over time. Sense might “deliver” a new model that works better or sometimes less good in detection.
  • And Sense will conflate/switch devices too, if they are of similar type and size (two heating elements of about the same wattage).

Some good pointers here:

Unfortunately, absolutely normal behavior throughout its life.