Found fridge (1 of 2)

New install as of Saturday, Sense has found one of my fridges. I’ve noticed kind of a weird behavior, it detects the fridge turning on, but the last 3 times it hasn’t seen it turn off. The fridge will compressor/fan will turn off but the bubble / status stays on. If I open and close the fridge door (light comes on) Sense will then show it turned off. This behavior doesn’t work if I open the freezer door (no light), Sense will still show the fridge as still on. Thoughts?

It has also found my gas boiler’s start up routine [labeled as heat1] (firebox blower & internal re-circ pumps) but when the boiler fires, then whole load then goes into unknown and show [heat1] as off. I renamed heat1 as boiler start. My question is will Sense eventually learn this is all one device and merge it together? Or will I have another device (heat2) that is the boiler run time?

Are these things you bring up just in here (the community) or do you file support tickets with Sense? I’d like to be helpful and contribute to the community/Sense but not be a PITA. Looking for the best avenue to share my feedback/findings.

I have a similar problem with our laundry room lights. Most of the time, Sense picks them up turning on and off. Sometimes, it misses the off and starts following another draw (fridge maybe?). It won’t see it turning off until we go in the laundry room and turn it on/off again…

It’s also doing it with something that used to be part of the heat pump. Now it comes on whenever it damn well pleases.

Wonder if they’ll ever get a company rep in the forums?

Wonder if they’ll ever fix the solar reporting errors that have been present since inception, and they’ve said they were working on for MONTHS now.

This might be a good time to chime in… as the the new Community Manager at Sense!

@tboettcher, are you still experiencing these device behaviors? Since Sense is a learning device, it does sometimes identify and learn certain components in devices before others. Over time, once it becomes confident that two components are part of the same device, it will automatically merge them for you. That being said, in the future we do plan on giving users the ability to merge devices that they know are components of the same device.

This is definitely a great place to share your feedback, concerns and to connect with other Sense users. If there is a specific technical issue that you’re having, support can take a deeper look.


Hi Ben, thanks for checking in.

The fridge issue of showing on when not seems to have gone away.

Sense is still only showing / identified the boiler start. It has not discovered the boiler during its run time yet, so I couldn’t even merge them if that was an option.

Glad to hear that the fridge issue seems to have resolved itself! The longer your Sense is connected, the more information it has to learn from and the better your device detection should be.