Refrigerators Detection

I have had the Sense energy monitor connected for about four days now and it has found three refrigerators. I currently have a refrigerator in the kitchen one in the garage and then I have a deep-freeze also in the garage. I have tried to unplug these devices so I can name them as they pop up and have yet to make a bubble disappear as I am plug them. Any recommendations? Thanks

An unplug probably looks very different than an off-signature from a fridge’s thermostat/relay clicking off. I’ve had some success making the bubbles disappear by throwing the breaker associated with my refrigerators, but that was after a month or so of fridge learning.

I’ve had very little success with breaker turn-offs while devices are running, probably because as with un-plugging the disconnect signature is completely different from the appliance turning off. What does seem to work for such a situation is to turn off (or un-plug) two of the three and let the remaining one cycle naturally for a bit, then label that device…repeating as necessary for the others.

That said, Sense has been confused between devices on many occasions, so while this may help it’s not perfect by any means. Also, Sense doesn’t “train” one device at a time very well, it’s just not designed that way.

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Thanks. I guess for now I will leave it as a Fridge 3 recognized device. Not sure if I should have changed the other 2 but I labeled the other 2 Fridges unknown.

Just go listen to see which one is running when Sense says one is on?

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