I had no ideas it will be that dificult

Sense detected one more device and identified it 99% as Freezer. My assumption it is a refrigerator. I have 3 of them, two were identified earlier, so I though it is the last one. However, it does not appear to be so. I tried unplugging the fridge, but it was still shown ON in the app, I tried unplugging the other fridges, just in case, but it still was shown ON in the app. Below is are the snapshots from the app for the device

According to the Power Meter view sometimes it is on for a long time and other time not. As I was writing this message it turned on at 8:50A and turned off at 9:44A. Yesterday it was not on at all.

I tried to compare the Power Meter for my other fridge and it works differently see below

I tried turning on AC, but that was not it also.

Any ideas what that might be?

Good hints on isolating the detected device in this thread, including the video. One important note - unplugging will often NOT make the device go off in Sense, because an unplug looks different than a thermostat turning off to Sense.


It detected the ice maker for one of the fridges and I was able to turn it off. I don’t think it is the ice maker. It works too long for it to be an ice maker. It will be difficult to test the fridge, since I do not know when the next time the “Freezer” turns on and I cannot leave the fridge unplugged for a long time. I wish there would be a simpler way.