Devices messed up after the last detection

I previously had a Fridge device detected. It was very consistent and the profile had a distinct signature. It also matched up to when I could hear the fridge running. Yesterday, a new 'Motor 1" device was detected and it now seems to have the signature of the previous Fridge device. The old ‘Fridge’ no longer corresponds to when the fridge is running and has a very different profile than what it previously had. So I renamed the newly discovered device ‘Motor 1’ to ‘Fridge’ and renamed the previous ‘Fridge’ to ‘IDK’.

Now it seems like the problem compounds. When I open the app, ‘IDK’ turns on when the ‘Fridge’ turns on, but stays on after the fridge stopped running (in the app). I close the app, reopen it, and suddenly it magically changes to ‘Other’. Anybody else experience this? Do I just delete both ‘Fridge’ and 'IDK" and let it start over?

Welcome to the community, @tval!

No, don’t delete the devices. Instead, contact tech support! Look on (the Sense home page) for an orange square floating at the bottom right corner with a “dialog” icon. Click your way through that until you can fill out the tech support form with your question. They will get back to you in a day or so.

My app was doing something funny last week and I asked them about it. In my case, they recommended I delete / reinstall the app. I would not have thought of that on my own! It is worth checking with them for ideas before doing something irreversible like deleting devices.

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Thanks for the welcome. I will try that. I little more troubling is that if I investigate the device timeline, (e.g) shows that it turned on 8 minutes ago, and turned off 4 minutes ago. The power meter also shows that it is off. Yet if I go to the “Now” tab, it shows that it is using 100 watts. So what is shown in one tab is different than another.

The Power Meter is ultimately your best resource for determining what’s happening in real-time, but I second @jefflayman suggestion on contacting Support to see if we see anything peculiar happening on our end.

I am new owner as well.

I have sent 3 emails with errors from install to a mystery device detection.

The send a follow up email asking for permission to look at account or similar.

They then send a reply that’s shows they never even read the first email.


Totally worthless and frustrated right now.

Hi @Beachcomber - I just looked at your Support ticket.
I won’t repeat it verbatim, but it sounds like the “mystery heat” Sense detected is part of your refrigerator. It’s obviously not the compressor, but there are several parts that use electricity in a fridge that run separately. I would guess that this would be either a defroster (which is a heating element) or, if you have an ice cube maker, part of the ice making process (a heating element heats up the ice to break it prior to dispensing.)

As Sense detects your fridge, you’re welcome to merge all these components together into one fridge device. I would recommend using our smart plug integration if seeing the whole fridge together is a priority immediately.