Device identified and then something else took it's place?


I’ve had Sense for a little over a week… It has identified one of my two fridges…

When it identified the fridge, I unplugged it while it was in the monitor and watched the bubble disappear… I did this twice to make 100% sure it was the basement fridge… Ok cool…

Now, today, Fridge popped up… For the heck of it I unplugged the fridge to see if it would disappear… It did not… So now I was puzzled… Thinking it somehow mapped my other fridge to the “fridge” device I turned off the breaker to it… Still stayed…

Now I’m totally stumped…

It ran 113W from 5:30 - 7:10pm which when it initially identified it it ran for about 25 minutes on average…

Any ideas? Thanks


I’ve had Sense migrate or morph devices as it learns and sees more. Most recently, I’ve had something that Sense originally detected as a heating element, and seemed to be loosely associated with my dishwasher cycle, begin showing up when Imturn on halogen lights in my backyard. A few days later, after greater use of the lights in my backyard, Sense detects them 100% of the time, while occasionally raising a false flag when the dishwasher is on. I report those instances as a problem.


I can report similar experiences. Especially early in the course of recognition.


So I should select “Fridge 1” when I know it’s not the fridge and do what? “Report a problem” > Device is not on" ?


That’s probably the best strategy if you’re looking to be proactive. That might get the tech guys to look at it, otherwise you could send in a support ticket. In my experience, it’s as effective as simply waiting.

And don’t be too concerned about your Sense not finding devices pronto. 98% of users here will agree that detection has improved over the past year+ of ownership. For those users not having luck, I would suspect it’s something idiosyncratic to their home.

An analogy might be tossing a bunch of beads into a colander. If the beads are small enough, eventually most of them will slip through and your devices identified. Some peoples beads are too big or their colander is too small, but even these people have some luck with identification. Most people will have a pretty good level of success, it just may take some time for all those beads to fall through :slight_smile:


I struggle to not do things which might be considered ‘training’ but fear that my (electrically speaking) unusual household is giving Sense more difficulties than necessary. In the morning I hit the ground running and power an assortment of electronic gadgetry, lights, and appliances in rapid and unchanging order under normal circumstances. To top it off, my home-brew computer has a peltier cooler which cycles on and off (around 45W) from 6:30AM to 11PM seven days a week. I find myself making little changes to my normally unbending routine, feeling that it might be a good thing for Sense and for me! Am I justifying ‘bad’ behavior?


I’m not sure it matters all that much, at least I don’t think it’s any better a use of your time. It’s a little like herding cattle - you can work really hard to make it go faster, but most times they just end up doing it better on their own.

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