Need help with devices recognized wrong or unknown


My first floor refrigerator was accurate recognized by Sense many months ago. It showed something like 119 watts if I recall correctly versus the 104 that my Kill-a-watt meter shows. Then a month or two later Sense added a second device that was also the refrigerator. It showed the same usage and reporting seemed to stop on the first one. Then they both started to report but not at the same time which seemed very strange for this small Whirlpool fridge which is the freezer on top type. Things went from bad to worse as these two devices now seem to show usage in the range of 220-230 watts. What is worse is they are usually on at times when the fridge is NOT running as noticed by both sound and a zero reading on the kill-a-watt meter. I can find no other items that are running in the house when these two devices show activity. They are currently called “Fridge 1stFlr not anymore” and “1st flr fridge new. Motor 5”. I would appreciate if you would check these devices out and try to explain what they are and why they would be doing what I have described. I have another device associated with that Fridge “defrost 1st flr fridge” which shows average usage of 187 watts but was last seen on about 9 to 10 days ago.

I also have an item called “Bedroom ceiling lights”. This was recognized and due to the high wattage alerted me to the fact that of the four bulbs I had only replaced one of the incandescents with a CFL bulb. Sense saved me some money by making me aware of this, and I changed the other three to LED. Obviously the pattern is much smaller and totally different and Sense no longer sees this “device”. I would appreciate it if you would delete the device as I am sure it will never be recognized as what it was again.

I have another device called “heat 3 hair” that I think might have been a hair dryer that a guest had at the house, but have not seen it come on in months, so it too should probably be deleted.

I also have “unnamed motor 1” and “unnamed motor 4”. I cannot recall ever seeing any activity on motor 1 and motor 4 only showed four short on cycles on January 1st of just under 200 watts and has never been on again to the best of my recollection.

Next to last I have two devices that are currently being learned. One is listed as a dryer and the other as an unknown motor. I have seen little if any progress on them. I already have my dryer motor (gas dryer) recognized so I am somewhat puzzled by something being called dryer. The unknown motor is at 90% or more but has not moved in a long time.

Lastly, I am frustrated that having had my unit since early September the following items have not been recognized and wonder if you can do anything to speed that process up: Two forced air HVAC systems, one large tower computer, one 65” LED Samsung 4K TV and one 32” LED RCA TV, two Chamberlain garage door openers of the battery backup variety, an LG inverter drive front load washing machine. Oh, and lots of lights, almost all LED and some CFL.

YES - I sent an email in about this.


i have similiar issues :sob:

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