Newbie detection

Got my sense installed over the weekend - very simple and its been gathering data since.

Today I got a notice that it detected two new devices. Below is the info I got from the app

Time on: 47m8s
Total times on: 48

Time on: 11h9m21s
Total times on: 293

I am NOT home now so can’t do anything.

To figure out what this is, now that I see a device, can I got into the app and power things on to see which one it registers with?

I suspect it is either AC, Clothes Dryer or Dishwasher

I also suspect they could be the same device (dryer will have heater and motor as would dishwasher). If that is the case can I merge these together to show as 1 device (i.e. Dryer)?


Set notification for each device to let you know when they come on. When you are home, you’ll be able to better identify.
Yes, you can power things off and on while watching your timeline to see if you’ve figured out what a device is.


Sam, Thanks that helps alot :slight_smile:

When I click on devices then (say) heat1, at the bottom it shows a power meter graph. I could look at that too.

I changed settings on both to alert me when device is on and off also to show on timeline


Could it be possible motor1 and heat1 are the same device. If so can I merge them into say dryer?

Sorry to bug y’all

Now that devices are detected, I see another bubble (other). That one is showing minimal power right now (150w)… No one is home and minimal appliances are running. Perhaps its the fridge?

Most homes have LOTS of devices, many of which will never be detected by Sense, hence “other”. Think about computers, TVs (whether on or not, they draw power), modems, garage door openers (whether or not actually operating…they draw power for the remote control electronics), cable boxes, etc, etc.

Your “other” is actually quite small.

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Thanks Andy

I thought those things you mentioned were “always on” vs. other

Didn’t see other until today. But I believe that is normal as it is still learning my home and devices

Small house and no one home during the day :slight_smile:

Some of both actually…the only difference seems to be whether Sense sees transitions for what it thinks is a single device, but given Sen’s abilities to detect devices, the line is very fuzzy. My “always on” and “other” seem to swap back and forth continually.

It is possible that the motor and heat are both components of your dryer. I’d really make sure before merging by confirming each of them many times over at least a week.


Installed Sat. Sat Sun and today (after midnight) AC was running.
Sat and Sun I did alot of laundry.
Sun I ran the dishwasher

Will take your advice. Thanks again

If you ha e a motor detected that sends on and off alerts every minute or so then that is usually a dishwasher or washing machine. More so a washing machine. When my washing machine was detected it would send around 45 on alerts for a single cycle, each time the drum stopped and reversed direction.
If the heat and motor are your dryer then the motor will run constantly while the heat will cycle on and off

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I was playing around in trends. I saw the odd times “motor1” came in including a few times in the wee hours of the am. So can’t be washer dryer or dishwasher

I now suspect it could be the dehumidifier that was installed in crawl space when I had that encapsulated.

This will be hard to pinpoint. I have to be in the right spot of the house to hear it “kick on”

Will keep y’all posted

I’ve never been a fan of dehumidifier in encapsulated crawl space. I feel a lot of contractors push installing to cover their rear ends about not being nearly as sealed as they want people to believe. Most ductwork for HVAC has enough leakage to keep the crawl dry anyway.
If that dehumidifier is running a lot, I’d be looking for why.

well I do live in the deep south where it is VERY humid. It doesn’t run for long when it runs (to the best of my knowledge)

Ok… more info

I got home and cranked the AC. Since I had enabled notifications for “motor1” it started beeping on my phone like crazy on and off for 45 or so seconds at a time. The app had a 53% of it being a pump. I thought OK that makes sense (no pun), since the AC does have a small pump that drains into the yard every so often - but NOT that often. I cut off the AC and it stopped. So could “motor1” be the AC or some component of AC?

The water draining is most likely from the evaporator dripping and draining outside.
Some units have a dedicated condensate pump but most do not.
I would guess it’s either the fan for your condenser or air handler. What is the wattage and is it 120 or 240?

I could have sworn the AC has a small pump that pushes it through the hose which goes 20+ feet to the outside.

When “motor1” comes on it goes up approx 130w.

I cut off the AC and alerts stopped. However, too hot here so I put it back on. So far no Motor1 has shown up. The app does say 53% chance of it being a pump.

At that low a wattage it could be a condensate pump. My outdoor run is almost 40’ and gravity takes care of it so I don’t have a dedicated pump.

OK motor1 just came on then off. It seems to come on for approx 45-60 seconds.

It has to be related to the AC. Would it be the compressor? Why would it come on and off so much?

It is VERY hot and VERY humid here. But would a condensation pump run that much.

I guess I could go near where it exits the house and try to correlate with the app