Show us your bubbles or a list of detected devices ! Who has the most?

There seems to be a wide range of detection with Sense. Being an obsessive counter, I thought a poll of how many devices followed by a list of devices detected might be helpful to new users on what is possible.
In the list please state:
Years/months using Sense
Total reliable devices detected
Unknown or questionable devices

  • 50 or more devices detected
  • 40 or more devices detected
  • 30 or more devices detected
  • 20 or more devices detected
  • 10 or more devices detected
  • less than 10 in 90 days

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Though meaningless, show us your bubbles!

Six month user
30 reliable devices detected
3 unknown
Daikin 2 stage geothermal heat pump
Well pump
Convection oven
Gas burner igniter
Garage door1
Garage door 2
Greenhouse heater
Greenhouse vent fan
Heating pad
Ice maker
Fridge light
Water heater element
Trash compactor
Light bath 1
Light bath 2
Light den
Light utility
Pellet stove igniter
Pressure cooker
Coffee maker

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That’s amazing! I’ve had sense for 5 months and have 15 devices detected. The biggest challenges I have for device detection are my plasma TV, 2 pool pumps (1 variable and 1 single speed), and the fact that I have 2 identical AC units. The devices below are pretty accurately detected except for the AC (2 identical units, Sense can’t discern each one) and the water heater accuracy has dropped a lot as the temperature has gone up. I’m excited to see what else turns up in this poll.

AC - upstairs
Coffee Maker
Dishwasher Heat
Garage Fridge
Guest bathroom lights
Kitchen fridge
Master bathroom lights
Master bathroom closet light
Slow cooker
Water Heater

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About 20 months and 20 devices identified although some are still guesses:

Clothes Washer (some of the time)
Coffee Maker
Condensate Pump
Dishwasher (most of the time)
Fridge x3 (I only have 2)
Garage Door
Ice Maker (guess)
Oven (guess)
Toaster x2
Water Heater (guess)

I’m feeling like I am well behind the curve on device identification

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I like this idea. I think it’s worthwhile to keep in mind that even if 99% of users have their X and Y brand refrigerators detected, we still may not reliably detect Z brand. Devices can look very different across models and brands, despite having the same or similar functionality.

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That’s awesome! I knew there were some 40 devices out there. Please log that on the poll.

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The list - 32 separate identifications in all:


  • AC Up - AC compressor for upstairs - seems to be mutating into just another Furnace Fan Up identification
  • AC Down - AC Compressor for downstairs
  • Furnace Fan Up - Upstairs furnace fan
  • Furnace Fan Down - Downstairs furnace fan
  • AC 3 - mystery AC that seems to be insinuating itself to replace the AC Up identification
  • AC Spike - Merged into AC Up - identification of just the on-spike.


  • Main Refrigerator - mostly the main SubZero and sometimes the SubZero freezer
  • Wine Fridge
  • Mystery Fridge 3 - mostly the SubZero freezer, but sometimes the main fridge. Before I reset Sense back in Aug17, I was up to 6 Fridges.
  • Disposal (2) - same identification device/bubble for both
  • Trash compactor
  • Upper oven heating element - we only use the lower oven about 1x/year
  • Island Microwave - have one more that hasn’t been found yet, but used far less frequently
  • Toaster - seems to identify regardless of toast setting.
  • Instant Water Heater - in sink
  • Backyard Halogen Lights - doubles as dishwasher heating element


  • Garage Door - used to trigger for all three of our old 20 y/o LiftMasters
  • Garage Door 2 - identifies the opening/closing of all three of our new LiftMasters
  • Central Vac
  • White Lightning - Tesla Model S P85D charging (very reliable now, but used to vary widely). Sense cannot identify 3 other EVs, 2 Teslas and a Ford

Other Rooms

  • Hue Family Room Mantle lights
  • Hue Family Room lights
  • Hue Playroom lights
  • Hue daughter’s light
  • Toto toilet blowers (3) - each seems to have it’s own identification
  • Dryer heating element
  • Vaccum 2 - our shapvac
  • Vaccum 3 - I think this is our neighbors borrowed power washer
  • Paint Sprayer - compressor for my wife’s paint sprayer
  • Mystery Motor 2 that hasn’t bee on in months

I don’t know anything about the compressor of the Subzero fridge but well aware of its efficiency. That is great to see Sense recognize this unit. I have the Subzero partnered cooking appliances in the Wolf convection oven and induction hob stove top. Sense gets the convection oven consistently but knows not what to do with the varying pulse of the induction stove top.

I don’t understand why only one Tesla is recognized? Different EVSE? I am adding a Model 3 soon, but I am using a variable EVSE so reserved on getting this critical device.

Everybody wants something different and has different expectations, but I am pleased with the outcome of what we are seeing on this thread. I really did not expect to see 50, but just knew a 40 detection had to exist. Great to see @Dcdyer post that one.

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@markhovis73 I reviewed my list of devices and performed some cleanup. I had several devices that SENSE stated it had ‘found’, but never has logged any data. I deleted those. I also had several devices that SENSE found twice. I merged those devices into a single ‘device name’. I had several devices where SENSE found multiple signatures (example: clothes washer, dishwasher) on the same device and I left those as separate unique names. So in reality I do not have a total of 40 ‘found’ devices. I have 2 devices which I still cannot find (unknown to me). I only have 29 unique device names. On the last device detection, SENSE found the same device it had already found earlier. So my last ‘true’ device find was 4 months ago. I updated my chart.

I am hoping for more devices to be detected. My success story with SENSE involves a new HVAC system installed March 2018. The unit was pulling a lot of amps during the compressor startup which caused the house lights to dim. The installer’s hand-held meter never saw the AMP spike. I showed my SENSE graph (expanded) to the HVAC installer and he eventually installed a free ‘capacitor start kit’ on the A/C compressor. It’s good to have your own meter and ‘hard-copy’ documentation.


At the end of today it will be 2 weeks since install. Nothing detected the
first few days but I’m at a total of 16
Confirmed identification:
Heat Pump
Coffee maker
Water heater

still identifying/investigating:
Heat 2
Heat 4
Heat 5
Heat 6
Motor 1
Dryer (has become somewhat unreliable)
possible dishwasher
possible stove burner

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Excellent, wow!

Congratulations on your success. You must have a very “Sense friendly” home.

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Maybe they will have an explanation, other than “noise” in the
I have some automation devices and thought I had quite a few
but some people have way over 100. I wonder if that has something
to do with it.
I also wonder if total electricity usage contributes in any way. We are
a family of four with right at 1600 square feet. we are located in
eastern Kentucky and its been cold this month. My current bill
was for 2670 KWH.

2670Kwh seems a lot for a house about the same size as mine (in NYC). Do you use electricity to heat your house?
I only hit 1000Kwh per month in the Summer, using A/C. In the Winter I use only 500-600Kwh per month.

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Yes, we are 100% electric. The heat can really run the bill up when the heat
pump is not effective and the 15kw strips turn on.
We had installed the sense as attempt to reduce the bill but for now, we are
not trying to cut back anywhere to let learning happen faster.
We keep the house 72, water heater 135, have hot water circulation and a
heated tile floor. The wife grew up around the world in base housing so she
never learned to watch use.
My usage runs 1500-2000 in summer when the thermostat is set to 68-70.

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Six months of use and nine devices detected. Reports for only 2 - the 10 year old Viking Kitchen disposal and 15 year old GE water heater - are complete or reliable.

Most detected devices are partial or not reliable. For example, Sense detects the Fridge door being opened (lights on), but not the compressor. The fridge ice maker was miss-identified, but corrected. The clothes washer and dryer are partially detected, heat only, no motors. Sense reports the TV is on, but miss reports the TV as turning off while still on.

The GE water heater was recently replaced with a similar model, but Sense does not yet recognize. Sense found my Heat Pump AC, but not the Heat Pump heater. Nor has it detected the Air Handler. It detected a hair dryer, but does not reliably report on/off. Sense found a vacuum a few months ago, but has not seen it sense. It does not recognize my vacuums in regular use.

I added a pair of TP-Link outlets which helps measuring the dishwasher and home server.

I understand the limitations. I’m patiently waiting for and hoping that Sense will one day provide full, consistent and reliable info on my biggest individual energy users such as Pool pump, AC/Heat/Blower, Water heater, Oven/Stove, Laundry. Nice-to-haves for me include aggregate lighting use, Ceiling fans, vampires (Tivo, Apple TV, Stereo, IoT). Network device discovery is on.

I’ve opened cases on several of the device issues.

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I just had number 18 detected las night. And
I’m 21 days in.
Now, they are not all reliable. The ones I can count on are the water heater m, heat pump
(Outdoor condenser in heat or cool), washing
Machine, coffee maker, ice maker, heat strips
For heat pump (15kw) and a 1500w space
Heater. Then there are mostly reliable like the
O en, dryer, 2 stove burners, microwave and
Floor heat.
The rest I’m either I’m still working on, a couple
Of those I wonder about because they never
Come on.
Sense has only detected one component of the major appliances like the heat pump where the
Air handler components have not, just the
Compressor outside. The dryer has to be a certain heat cycle and same with the washer
Really (doesn’t pick up cold cycle).
The ones I really care about are detected, the
Electricity hogs.
I’m kicking back for now and leaving it alone.
Really trying to have patience based on sound
Advice by @kevin1, @oshawapilot, @pswired
And @MachoDrone, almost forgot @ben.
I don’t know how long these users have been
At it but I read a lot here and they have always
Been right. Patience is the word used most.
I haven’t been sending reports since getting advice from everyone about patience and waiting
To see what sense does. Some things have
Improved a little as far as devices. I’ve had
Some other problems now with my app but
Nothing major.
I think your results are pretty good compared
To what I see other people reporting. Just give
It time, that what I’ve been told time and again.
I really believe in this device.

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I gave up on having sense detect my SubZero properly. I got both freezer and refrigerator detected, but it wouldn’t be reliable; sometimes freezer compressor would be on, but it would recognize it as refrigerator. Other times both compressors turned on … and it didn’t detect the device at all. I just put the subzero on one of the HS110.

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I’ld be interested to see what your cycles look like. We have an integrated wall unit with a Subzero Fridge, Freezer and Wine Fridge all hooked together - No way to move it out and get an HS110 installed. Plus I can’t tell from the sound, which one’s compressor is actually running. And when I try to use the individual breakers to figure out which one turns off, the bubble doesn’t always cooperate (off signature from breaker not the same as off signature when compressor shuts off).

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Yeah, it was a pain to move my built-in SubZero to get the HS110 installed :slight_smile:

Here is the waveform of the SubZero w/ the HS110. I tried going back to try to capture the waveform before I got the HS110 installed, but I can’t seem to get that from Sense (perhaps due to the need to merge multiple devices when I got the HS110 installed):

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