New sense user - device detection rate question

New sense user here
I have had the sense installed last Friday. Currently on day 3 and so far, it has only detected 1 AC unit. We have two AC units. Wondering what your device detection rate is. Can you share some stats over how many devices were detected first week, first month, first 2 months and 90 days and 6 months

You’ll find that it’s across the board. I’d say finding an ac unit in a few days is pretty good.

Newer users have seen accelerated rates of detection, with several devices identified each week. Older users saw a few devices each month. Most people seem to have plateaued at 15-30 devices, with new additions each time the Sense crew improves various models.

I’m at about a dozen unique devices in 9mos.

@ktmailserv, what @NJHaley said is pretty accurate. As one might expect, our device detection speeds and coverage have improved over time, so as a new user, you may experience detection rates a bit faster than those who have been using Sense for some time. It also important to keep in mind that detection can vary from home to home depending on the electrical environment.

To give you a little bit of an idea of what to expect, we also have a blog article on one user’s first month with Sense:

@ktmailserv We got our Sense in March and started using A/C in the mid-late June time frame. Last week one unit showed up and just this morning the 2nd unit showed up. So be patient, it takes Sense time to learn each device in your particular environment. At the same time, you have a head start in terms of device recognition on many people that came before you, because of the data they and the Sense engineers have provided. So you may get a bunch of devices identified quickly and then you will suddenly plateau. I have 21 distinct devices identified with another 6 in some state of identification. I spent much of the summer with no additional devices detected and then suddenly 5 devices showed up in just the last week or so.

The device is pretty cool, it just takes patience.


Thanks @NJHaley @BenAtSense @davidferri.
Further update (day 4):
So far, Sense found (& lost & found again) one air conditioning unit,
found Fridge and appliance light within the fridge.

Pretty much what happens…actually you did much better than I. In my first couple of weeks the score was 0.

Update (Aug 29th), day 11:
so, far it has

  • AC
  • Fridge Appliance light (cooler side)
  • Fridge
  • Espresso machine
  • Microwave

How frequently do you use your garbage disposal? That was a pretty quick one for me…

We don’t have garbage disposal at our house.

I guess it’d be weird if it found one, then. (though not unprecedented :wink: )

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Ha! Yeah :slight_smile:
Based on my observation so far, guess SENSE Algo works okay when it comes
to detecting large power draw devices that see higher power cycle rate. A
lot of scope for improvement when it comes to detecting any other category
of devices.
I also have the network detection turned on but I haven’t seen it pick up
wifi devices yet.

From a product standpoint, the goal to achieve should atleast be 90% of
large power draw devices, 50% of small power draw devices within the first
month. Else you will lose customer interest and value delivered.

Keep in mind that detection of a device is in part based on the number of times Sense sees that device come on/off. To some extent, that explains why the devices you listed were the first detected.

In terms of the network devices, we’ve been using data from that feature to develop new models to be used to detect devices like connected TVs. While this feature doesn’t provide immediate detection of these devices, it allows our data science team incorporate this network data into new algorithms.

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Here is a graph of my experience:

I installed my SENSE unit on 9-10-2018.

My list shows 40 devices, but I have to clarify. 2 devices are still unknown - ‘Light 4’ and ‘Light 7’ were detected, but I have never seen any data logged (or received a notification) after they were identified.

I have 3 appliances where SENSE identified ‘sub-devices’ (or sub-components) on each one:

Refrigerator -
Fridge compressor
Fridge (Freezer light)
Fridge (Ice Maker)
Fridge (Light)

Clothes Washer -
Clothes Washer (Agitate Only)
Clothes Washer (Drain)
Clothes Washer (Spin)

Dishwasher -
Dishwasher ‘pump out only’
Dishwasher ‘wash cycle’

So from this list of 9 devices, you could really say that it found 3 appliances, unless you like knowing all the minor components. I know, I could merge the components into a single device, but decided for now to keep them separate.

There are multiple devices that SENSE found, then later deleted. My results are displayed below.


Impressive. Your system did better in the first month than mine did in 16 months

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