Impressed With Device Detection

I’ve only had sense installed for 4 days now and it has already identified our dryer, 1 AC unit, hot water heater, and refrigerator. This rapid device detection says a lot about how hard the team is working behind the scenes and how much the AI is improving. I’m looking forward to further device detection and have enabled NDI to help speed things along.


You’ll find it senses a few quickly. Then you wait months. Then you contact support. Then support will tell you they haven’t

Not at all what I found….it took months to find anything, and hasn’t successfully found much since then. Apparently, power signatures vary so much between homes (In my case, a “constant pressure well pump” seems to be almost totally confusing their algorithms) that for some customers it works quickly and accurately, for others it barely works at all.

Good luck!

2 more devices showed up today, my microwave and coffee maker. I’m happy with the quick detection. I’ve now had sense installed for a week and 6 devices have been identified.


That’s more than I have in over a year.

8 devices as of yesterday, the oven and dishwasher just showed up. My hats off to the sense team.

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It’s great you’re having a good experience. The data science team at Sense is making progress on device detection, but it’s important to recognize why your experience feels better that other are reporting. First, Sense had a classic “cold start” problem. They needed actual data to build models in sufficient volume over sufficient time to begin to gain experience and build reliable device type detectors. Those of us who were earlier adopters have lived through that cold start where there were fewer units installed providing very little data compared to today, device detectors were poor, and device recognition was poor.

There also seem to be environmental factors that can make the house to house experience different. If we think of Sense as listening to sound and trying to tease out different voices in a room, some rooms and bright and noisy, while others are more quiet. Now, Sense hasn’t communicated anything about this explicitly, but this is one theory why results differ significantly, even today. I’ve had Sense installed a year and five months and my ovens and dishwasher have never appeared. Part of my washer just showed up in January but a lot of the time it shows just 1w of usage. I had four dryers show up and I have only one. I’m glad you don’t have to pay the cold start tax like others have, but there’s still lots of work to do.

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