3 weeks in! My story


I love it! Install was a breeze.
Device detection started within 48 hours.
I got too excited and tagged some stuff incorrectly.
Action taken based on Sense Data:

  1. Unplugged old wine fridge. OMG 25% of the size of my kitchen fridge, and 145% of the energy usage.
  2. Unplugged all sorts of Phantom devices in the basement.
    3 Getting 3 quotes on a new AC unit and Furnace.
  3. Replacing the 8 Incandescent floods in our family room with LED and a Leviton WFII dimmer.
  4. Ordered a new WFII thermostat for the in floor heating.
  5. Engaged Comed to come replace remaining lights with LED.
  6. Battery Backup consolidation for home server/ router/ NAS/ 8 port hub.

Devices found (12)
Ice Maker in Fridge
Furnace 1
Furnace 2
AC 1
AC 2
Dryer Ignition Cycle
Wine Fridge
Wine Cellar cooling unit (WhisperKool)
Chest Freezer
Dishwasher Heat

When I get a new device, I set the alert and when it goes off, I go validate it. I like that I can tell sense about the "False On"
Devices I am surprised it has not detected:
Attic Fan
Clothes Washer
Vent Hood over stove
Canon Laser Printer

With my wife gone for 48 hours I was able to get my always on down to 160. Else we ride at 280

Sense has created awareness with my wife and myself. We try harder. Our behaviors have changed

My #1 feature request is to add a guest account so i can share my sense info with friends. NEST has this view only feature, and I am sure it helps sell some cameras.
My#2 request would be to load up my “not detected” devices and use that information to be make the process more efficient.


Thanks so much for sharing @dornback! Very cool to hear about all the ways you’ve used Sense to make changes in your home. I shared your post with the rest of the Sense team.

In terms of the devices that haven’t been detected yet, Sense needs to see them running a number of times before it can accurately say ‘this electrical signature is a washing machine.’ I strongly suspect that once it sees these lesser used devices run more times, it will detect many of them.

Thanks for the suggestions! They’re both great ideas and #2, in particular, is something that others have requested and that we plan on tackling.


Sorry for digging up an old thread…

What is this False On you speak of? I’ve had a couple of instances where this would be useful, but have not seen that feature… did it get removed or am I missing it??


This only works for appliances that are actually running:

Go into devices, choose device.
Click little gear in top right corner.
Select the “manage” tab.
Click “report a problem”.
One of the selections will be “device not on”.