1 week in, many devices detected already


So I installed my sense last friday and it has so far identified several items.

From reading this forum a week ago I had set my expectations to not expect any detections for a while.

To my surprise, here is what Sense has detected in the first week:

  • fridge 1 (garage)
  • fridge 2 (kitchen)
  • chest freezer
  • garage door opener
  • 1 of two AC units (either its compressor or forced air fan)
  • living room lights (incandescent)
  • bathroom lights (LED)
  • heat 1 (need to verify but I think its a stovetop burner)
  • heat 2 (think it’s one of our ovens)
  • dishwasher pump (waiting for the heater to also be detected)

I’m excited to see what else it detects in the near future.


Rub it in, noob


Ha. No rubbing intended.


That’s awesome to hear! I’m coming up on my first month and have 21 devices detected, 18 of which I am pretty much 100% sure are correct.

Curious to know how many watts do your bathroom LEDs draw?


I’m also surprised it detected the LEDs. My house is predominantly LED and none of those detected. Of the few incandescent bulbs left, it has only detected the fridge appliance bulbs.
(Installed in April '17). I have 14 correctly identified devices and 4 unknowns (none of which are lights).


You guys made a good point on the LEDs, so I double-checked, and sure enough, there’s a 60W incandescent mixed in with the 20W of LEDs in my bathroom (forgot to replace that one).

Figure I’ll leave the 60W in place since it’s more beneficial to me to know the lights have been left on than to worry about the extra consumption of a few minutes of use each day.


I’ve had sense for a few weeks now and had very few devices detected. After reading other posts, I’m wondering if Solar interferes with detection, or makes detection much more complicated. Things like the fridge, oven, car charging, and pool pumps, all of which cycle and some of which are on a regular daily schedule, would seem easy to detect, but nada!

Sense found the coffee maker the second day, and the A/C and garage door the third day, And nothing since.


LED Bulbs seem to be a challenge at this point, especially if it’s on a dimmer. I assume it’s relative to their low voltage/frequency.
On a positive note, Sense helped me locate a few CFL bulbs I had missed when switching over to all LED’s. So in my situation, it helped.


@don, solar should not interfere with your device detection in any way. I made one of our support team members, Alex, aware of your detection issue. If you shoot an email over to support@sense.com and mention Alex in your email, he’ll be able to troubleshoot with you.


@vrai.kenny, you’re right that LEDs can be difficult to detect due to their low wattage. In the future, we see network device identification and integrations helping with detection there (at least with connected LEDs).


By connected LEDs do you mean wifi only?

Or do you plan to also use information from hubs too for ZigBee/zwave?


We’ll be looking at integration with hubs as well as a way to improve detection.