Device Detection 5 months later

I am still missing so many items from my home.

Florescent light fixtures
6 light fixtures
Washing Machine
Gas Furnace
Sense thinks something is a Garage door that it is not. Maybe first stage of the furnace?
Today sense thought the Lawn Mower was on. (Jan in Chicago)
Box fans
Exhaust fans from bathrooms
Range hood exhaust
Many other items I am not remembering.

Well, I’m a few weeks in and it has found 3 microwaves, so I’ve got you beat. Lol

Are each of them your microwave (assuming you only have one?). I’ve seen two things so far it’s found multiples of - my water heater and a coffee pot. Both started out as “x maybe,” the second was “x also.” Just looked this morning and water heater maybe had disappeared, taken over by water heater also. Waiting on coffee pots.

Like word learning and speech detection (Sense’s roots) - I wonder if this isn’t like either homonyms (horse and hoarse), or maybe more appropriately synonyms (car and auto), where sense is seeing a couple/few similar patterns and will hopefully consolidate them into one concept.

I also wonder if some of the things we naturally have in our homes may hinder the process - There’ve been discussions on uninterrupted power supplies (ups’s) and other forms of battery backup, but how about timers - like my water heater is on? How much of the power curve is Sense considering in its models? Would something shutting off prematurely affect the ability of Sense to learn it? What about solar - when things are running on solar exclusively (or partially), can Sense model those appropriately?

These are questions it would’ve been nice to have answered in the Q&A. Not that I’m impatient, just curious. This is all one big learning experiment for all involved, I think it’s fun :slight_smile:

Yes, yesterday 1 and 3 were operating together. The second one is also the microwave, and Im thinking it may have picked up because we don’t always run the microwave at full power.

I would like to have the ability to turn things on and mark them as such. I have a 2 speed pool pump that I would love to see what it is costing us. Among other devices.

I would like to have at least one device detection after 45 days and multiple problem submissions. Not sure about what to do next.

@1agkirk2 definitely contact customer service if it’s coming up on 2 months without a single device detected. I’m less than a month in with around 12 devices detected.

@1agkirk2, I’m really sorry that happened. I saw a couple of your posts on the forums and have been working with our technical support team member, Alex, to investigate a little more. I think we may have identified the issue. I’m going to send over an email with a little more information.

@jackfurr, thanks for the suggestion. We are working on more ways that users can be involved in, and help with, the device detection process. Recently, we added the ability to let us know when a ‘Device is not on’. With regards to turning devices on and marking them as on, I recommend reading a couple blog articles on our device detection process that may shed light on why don’t have this feature right now: How Sense Learns About Your Devices - Sense Blog & How Does Sense Detect My Devices? - Sense Blog.

These emails don’t help! They don’t seem to be related to my issue.
I’m struggling with what term to use to describe your teams comptency so I am going to bite my tongue :thinking:

Alex made a couple changes after your recent solar calibration and is going to keep an eye on things for the next 24 hours to make sure things kick off as they should.

Sorry for the frustration!