Fast Detective work from Sense

I installed a new mini fridge in my bar on Sunday…this morning, Sense informs me that I have a new fridge! I am very impressed with the speed of detection on this one. Sense also detected device #1 which I am sure is going to drive me nuts hunting down - average 34 Watts, 16 seconds average on time and an initial 56 occurrences. I’m speculating a phone charger or the like - given the time of use. Thanks for the new puzzle to keep me occupied! :slight_smile:


How old is the wiring / panel in your house? How large of a house? I’m coming up on a year now and detection is disappointing.
Almost everything is ‘other’ or ‘always on’
There are a few things it reliably detects - but that’s maybe 5 or 6 things. I have 23 devices total - 7 of those show no activity in the last 60 days. Of the 16, 4 are ‘stove’ (I’m assuming the individual burners) and one labeled ‘slow cooker’ seems to trigger for multiple devices. My LG TV benefited from the network sniffing I’m sure, so that’s pretty reliable (except when it thinks it stayed on) Oddly enough, my basement fridge light gets detected reliably. It seems to do well with pumps too.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m not unhappy with Sense. I think it’s a decent product and I like being able to see my total usage every day. I’d just like to know how some people get detection in a few weeks and I’ve had it installed for almost a year and it still hasn’t found some of my major users. I can see how it’d be really frustrating for people expecting better results.

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I have about 15 devices detected after 2 months. Similar issues as you at times. My wiring, switches, outlets and panel replaced a little over a year ago - scary bad aluminum botched wiring necessitated complete electrical system replacement and brought up to current code. Peace of mind comes at a steep price sometimes but worth not getting cooked in a house electrical fire!

In a year and a half, Sense has found about a dozen of my 117 (and counting) electrical devices in my 9 year old “all electric” home, and more than half of those of those aren’t “reliable”. It’s not found a single one of my internet connected devices and only a couple of the big consumers. So, user experience varies considerably.

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56 occurrences in a day? Sounds like a condensate pump to me. Or at least that’s what mine was, very similar to those stats.

My device one was driving me nuts too. Turned out to be the water dispenser on my fridge…

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