Highest Number of Devices Detected

There is a thread on lowest wattage devices detected, so that got me to thinking what the highest number of devices that have been detected in a single installation is.

Just over 2 weeks in, I have 11 devices detected, of which 3 I have a high confidence that they are what Sense thinks they are. I expect that installations that have been in for months would have a higher number than mine. Please post your number of devices.

I’m at 31 “Devices Found” after 10 weeks (related post here). I have identified & verified about half, but most of the others leave me totally flummoxed.
A “possible dishwasher” has been Up Next for several weeks. Coincidentally, something that looks a lot like a dishwasher is in our kitchen and runs most nights.
My daughter went around the house with a killawatt meter and measured the standby load of over 60 devices that contribute to our “Always On” category. Of course none of them have been identified by Sense, and I don’t see how it will ever be able to identify their standby loads… except maybe after a power outage?

Active user since September 2016, 20 detected devices. Of these 2 are still “unidentified”, as they have 0 usage in the past 3 months.

After almost two weeks, I have 14 devices discovered, but cannot identify 4 of them. Some turn on for just seconds once every several days. I may never find them.
I also would like to identify those items that are “Always On.” I want to cut down on them, but can’t if I don’t know what they are.

I’ve got 19 devices that i’ve had since January. Hasn’t detected TV, PS3, amazon FireTV or anything like that. It still hasn’t detected the other leg of my dryer.

I’ve had Sense since the end of November, and I have 13 devices, 3 of which I also can’t seem to figure out.

I have an all electric home, including geothermal heat pump, lots of computers, etc. I also have a web connected home monitoring system, which gives me extremely accurate solar and power usage (both within 1% of revenue grade metering) monitoring, but no details. So I got Sense back on Feb 11, to fill in the details. But since then it’s only figured out 5 devices, and forgotten one of those. Reading about others experiences, I suspect I may have a dud. NOT a happy customer.

You are lucky! Mine was installed on 1 March and I have zero detections. Several factory resets have not helped. I am also disappointed, more so with the Sense management and their promises aka advertising! Shame on them for pushing a system that clearly was not ready for the customer.

I just had my electric panel replaced a week ago and I’m up to 12 devices detected. I has my data reset about the same time as the firmware upgrade, so it’s hard to narrow down the improvement to one or the other, but this has been MUCH faster than the previous detection. I think it had about 15 devices after a month of usage on my previous panel/firmware. I had one of the terrifying Federal Pacific panels that so often have defective breakers, so I wonder if the quality of the breakers themselves has any impact on device detection?

Another change has been the weather this week. We’ve been using fewer devices (mostly heat devices) since the weather has been warm. It could be that with fewer devices running, Sense is having an easier time detecting unique signatures?

Installed mine late December and currently have 15 devices listed of which 12 are unique. Only one appliance has me puzzled as I’m not sure what it is. Sense labelled it as a fridge.

Since installing my Sense in November 2016 it has found 22 devices, of which I have identified 18.

Following up on my own post, I’m at 23 devices detected. 6 more currently learning and 2 up next